State of the project: Newsletter from Pascal blockchain.

State of the project: Newsletter from Pascal blockchain.

By Dzoelx | Pascal blockchain | 2 Dec 2020


At Pascal, we have been persistent on maintaining and developing our blockchain technology as well as the managerial aspect of the Pascal coin project. We have not relented in all-round development of the project. Throughout the past couple of weeks, we have been working behind the scene and on the scene to ensure continuous development of the pascal project.

An optimistic new month for every one of us at Pascal! Developments have been going on in earnest and with each day that passes by, Pascal blockchain gets better!

It’s been an interesting run of days and we bring you the major highlights of the past month as it concerns the Pascal blockchain project.

Announcing Version 6 upgrade!

Last year, we upgraded to version 5, we have since channeled tangible efforts to improving this version. After four major improvements to the version 5, we are super excited to announce yet another major upgrade. The version 5 is unarguably a very important stepping stone on our journey to developing the best solutions on the Pascal blockchain. We’ve furnished every feature of the version 5 to stability and with the upgrade to version 6 we hope to build even more exciting features on the Pascal blockchain!

The version 6 upgrade is focused majorly on improving the usability of the Pascal blockchain and solving pressing user-experience issues. The version 6 upgrade features improvements to PASA distribution issues and presents a more decentralized and simplified PASA distribution system. The version 6 is a major protocol upgrade which puts Pascal at the forefront of next generation cryptocurrency technology!

Read the official announcement:


[PIP-0027] E-PASA implementation.

As part of the upgrade to version 6, we announced PIP-0027, an improvement plan featuring a protocol to create an infinite address space within the Pascal ecosystem.
Currently, Pascal blockchain runs a limited address system. Just like pascal coins, the PASA is also limited – major reason why the account recovery rule was introduced. The E-PASA protocol introduces a backwards compatible addressing scheme that enables an infinite account space on the Pascal blockchain. Addresses generated via this protocol is directly compatible with the Pascal blockchain.


Without delays, our developers have been working on the features of the version 6, the E-PASA protocol is the first product of this hard work and the first feature of the version 6 to be implemented on the Pascal blockchain.

More information on the E-PASA implementation:


Improvements to version 5.4 for final release

To ensure the best possible efficiency of the version 5.4 set to be released soon, our developers have made some improvements to this next major update to the current Pascal blockchain version. Proper development of the version 6 will start once the version 5.4 is released. These improvements include major protocol advancements and bug fixes, including:


AbstractMem library V1.1: AbstractMem Library V1.1 is a major update to the first version with a remarkable improvement in efficiency. The V1.1 is four times faster than the previous version. On release of V5.4, the AbstractMem will work perfectly on a simple machine with RAM as low as 1GB and a remarkable reduction in the cost of running a node.

JSON RPC changes.

Bug fixes in Daemon to ensure properly working of Daemon (on Linux) and Service (on windows)

Addition of ‘DATAFOLDER’ on pascalcoin_daemon.ini file (for Daemon only)


Multi-language translation for GUI wallet


We already added multiple language support infrastructure to our GUI wallet and we are working to add translations for various languages to improve user experience for users who are more comfortable with other languages.

We have received a couple of volunteers who wish to assist in this exercise and translate the GUI wallet interface into their native languages. We hope to receive more volunteers for this exercise and translate the wallet user-interface to as many languages as possible. Contact us on any of our media outlets if you wish to assist in this process.


Update on code-base translation to Golang


We are working on all fronts to deliver all proposals and at the right time. In our previous newsletter, we gave an insight on how far we have gone with rewriting the Pascal blockchain codebase to Golang. We have not relented one bit on this and have channeled serious efforts towards this. Thanks to our developers, a very tangible percentage of the codebase have already been translated from Pascal to Golang and this exercise continues until we have the whole codebase written in the new language and integrated. As always, we will promptly share our progress on our outlets. Stay tuned!

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For a year as odd as this, we are elated to see the Pascal project wax stronger into a new month and the last month of the year. Our technology is continuously improving and we have even more exciting last weeks of the year! Stay safe!


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