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By Dzoelx | Pascal blockchain | 1 Sep 2019

We cruised past a very amazing and busy month of August, the PascalCoin project keeps getting better and the strive towards building the perfect blockchain continues with many developments and more additions to the Pascal blockchain. It’s been a busy month for the PascalCoin and cryptocurrency projects as a whole. Here we bring you the highlights of the past month…

RandomHash 2 is here!

Following the PIP-036, the RandomHash protocol have been updated to enable fast and smoother running and a reduced work load and memory consumption. The RandomHash 2 protocol addresses the block-header validation difficulty faced with the RandomHash 2. The RandomHash 2 also uses 77 internal cryptographic hash as compared to the 18 internal hash in RandomHash 1, hence the RandomHash2 is orders of magnitude stronger than any single cryptographic hash algorithm since it fundamentally is composed of a random combination of many cryptographic hash algorithms.
It’s better performance, flexibility, scalability and hence more productivity with the RandomHash 2.

More on the RandomHash 2

RandomHash 2 proposal

RandomHash 2 implementation

Blaise wallet update

The super cute BLAISE wallet keeps getting better, with more feedback and experience reports, we keep improving the BLAISE wallet to enable flexible and smooth transactions right from the comfort of your mobile devices. With the recent update to the BLAISE wallet, we’ve fixed all previously reported and added multiple language support, check out the BLAISE wallet today and select your desired language!

We’ve also launched an official website for the BLAISE wallet, here you can find all new updates to the BLAISE wallet for Android OS and iOS. Visit the BLAISE wallet website

Vue wallet development continues

In line with the proposed PIP-031b, we’ve made some huge progress in the development of the Vue wallet to enable cross platform running on mobile devices and Personal computers.
The Vue wallet is being developed with Vue.js and Quasar framework and ensure smooth navigation with no page reloads and a completely translatable interface. It can also be run on the Wed with the web browser built as a Progressive Web Application (PWA) that can be run on a web browser or installed as a mobile application.
More updates on the Vue wallet to follow…

Biometric voting smart contract on the Pascal blockchain


The DAO team in the quest to ensure orderly decision making through community voting have been working on a reliable voting system to ensure that decisions are actually community driven and reduce manipulations. Hence the move to develop a biometric voting system, this system transfers the voting rights of every unique user from something that is identical to them $such as the finger print) to a unique PascalCoin address (PASA).

The potential use case for this exceeds PascalCoin community voting on decisions, this can also be used in car rentals and Hotel room bookings, for instance, a customer lodges into the hotel for the first day, the hotel confirms and grants him token access to the hotel room, hence when he arrives the hotel, he can simply go into his room without having to stop at the receptions, his biometrics are being transferred to the hotel room door lock via his token (PASA), hence he can simply enter his room using his finger print. This enables the hotel door lock support different finger print automation at different times.

Read more on biometric voting system on the Pascal blockchain

New listing!


We are glad to announce that in collaboration with Vgate, a decentralized exchange running on the Vite blockchain, PascalCoin has been listed on Vite-x, deposits, trading and withdrawal are now available. You can trade your Pascal gems against BTC and Vite. Here’s a guide on how to use the Vite dex:

Steps to deposit:

1. download Vite multi-token wallet(app) and sign up;
2. open  in your browser and sign in with app;

3. go to page and add PASC(optional);

4. click “receive” button shown in the image 1 and you will get an address;

5. deposit from other exchange or wallet to the address and wait for confirmation;

6. click “deposit” button shown in the image 2 and you are ready to trade.

Deposited tokens must be activated for trading before they can be used to trade on the platform, tokens can apply be activated by moving from your main wallet to your trading account. Kindly report any bug and overall user experience to help the two projects improve. Happy trading!


Discussions on a re-brand are currently on going (PIP-035), join the discussion and be part of the decisions, every opinions counts! A soft re-brand or a total re-brand?, have your say. Join us on discord and be part of the discussion

Follow up with the PascalCoin project

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