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By Dzoelx | Pascal blockchain | 1 Jun 2020

Outside the crypto space, it’s been a turbulent couple of months for everyone. We continue to live behind the doors as the lockdown continues in many parts of the world. The financial and social consequences of the foregoing is evidence in the struggle to keep balance in every sector which contributes to our livelihood.

During this period of uncertainty, we urge continued support for the health sector and abiding by the guidelines set to flatten the infection curve and restore the global balance.

At Pascal, we have not relented any bit in all round development of the project, despite the hurdles. The pandemic unarguably slowed down speed of development a little bit and also reduced participation from community members and developers. But not a total stop.

It’s a new month, waves of optimism as the world struggles to set itself free. The past months haven’t gone as expected, Despite many cryptocurrencies staying green, the pandemic still lurks.

Here, we bring you the highlights of the past month as it concerns the pascal blockchain.


Announcing Alpha version and testing of Pascal V5.4!


The pascal blockchain technology have been growing in its quality. With most efforts focused on developing a user-friendly and flexible platform to power blockchain based transactions, pascal developers have been relentless in adding more algorithms and protocols which achieves this goal and once again drawing closer to developing just the perfect adoptable blockchain.

In line with this goal, we are glad to announce the development of the Pascal version 5.4. This marks the fourth major update to the initially released Pascal V5. The new version 5.4 once again follows the developmental paths of the pascal blockchain and introduces new memory friendly protocol.

Major improvements coming to the pascal blockchain with the V5.4 includes:
• The AbstractMem library which allows developers build a PascalCoin version using virtual memory and efficient caching mechanism.

• Improved performance when downloading Safebox (Fresh installation)

• Fixed minor bugs.

The AbstractMem library is the latest library developed for use on the pascal blockchain. It allows the development of highly complex and memory intensive structures (like Pascal’s Safebox) on low memory devices.

The AbstractMem library is written in Pascal language and use a mix of "memory" and "disc" storage with a cache process so the developer does not need to know where is the data, neither how to store on disc or recover, because library is designated to use same load/save function calls for "on memory" that "on disc".
This allows the developer to access memory intensive data structures with a low memory RAM.

This solves the issue of high memory requirements to run some Pascal blockchain applications and prevents the ‘out of memory’s error, once again making the pascal blockchain even more sleek and flexible.

The Alpha version of the V5.4 is available HERE


Blaise wallet update.



The BLAISE wallet is the official mobile wallet for the pascal blockchain which allows users perform essential transactions from the comfort of their mobile phones. We have also continued to develope this application to improve the overall user experience. We have continued this with the latest update to the BLAISE wallet, V1.1.0.

The BLAISE wallet V1.1.0 presents the following improvements to the BLAISE wallet:

• Improved QR scanner reliability on some devices
• The Catalan language is now available for your selection!
• Many more performance improvements and bug fixes.
Get the BLAISE wallet

We continue to improve the pascal blockchain and of course, it’s applications. Do let us know of any bugs or usage constraints.


Account recovery proposal


On our previous report, we announced plans to recover dormant Pascal Accounts and pascal coins so as to maintain the supply of the both assets as they are limited, however, this is still subject to community vote and approval. As regards this we have reached a consensus on the first stage of the voting, the internal key team voting.

Further action as regards this is still subject to general community voting.
The Pascal community will be required to vote on this subject matter. The community voting which will be holding on the discord server as soon as possible will determine if the developers will continue with the plans of recovering dormant accounts and/or tokens and adding back to the blockchain to be re-mined.
The voting stage covers every details of this action and the development team will work according to the community consensus. Join us on discord and be a part of this decision.

Project budget proposal.

Due to the current global situation, the community activity have been a bit lesser than normal, hence we have considered it an odd time to discuss very important matters, hence, the budget proposal presentation and voting will be pending until the best possible time to do this. Please stay tuned and follow our outlets to get regular information about the Pascal project.

As we continue with this odd time in our existence, we urge everyone to stay safe and adhere to social distancing specifications and other guidelines which are expected to sustain safety and slow the rate of infection. Until next time, stay safe!

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