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By Dzoelx | Pascal blockchain | 1 Nov 2019


Busy busy month and a couple of adventurous weeks for Pascal ecosystem and blockchain technology as well, massive breakthroughs for the Pascal project as well as many other blockchain start-ups as everyone in the ecosystem continues on their strive to develop a blockchain which solves tangible problems.

At Pascal, we’ve also continued on our quest to develop the Pascal blockchain into a blockchain of possibilities. With much happening over the month from our previous report, it’s a very important point to pause and bring to you all the notable events and developments over the past couple of weeks.

V5 protocol implementation procedure continues!

The V5 protocol implementation have been a major goal for the Pascal project team. We’ve channeled reasonable efforts towards developing and testing all the features of the V5 protocol. On our previous reports and announcements, we’ve released four Testnets versions of the V5 protocol and each one of them draws us close to the eventual implementation of the V5 protocol which surely brings in many amazing developments into the Pascal ecosystem.

Sequel to this, we’ve released the Testnet Beta 5 for the V5 protocol implementation. The Testnet Beta 5 is also the final Testnet version of the V5 protocol. Kindly download, test and assess the Testnet beta and as usual, do stop by our discord channel and share your experience with us. Being the last Testnet version of the actual protocol, the Beta 5 testing will take some time before the test phase ends. Within this period, your feedback will be highly valuable.

Download the Testnet Beta 5 for the V5 protocol implementation:

Updated features includes JSON-RPC, the Testnet beta 5 also contains the Pascal miner with stratum support for pools… and so much more more!

BLAISE wallet keeps getting better!

Following your feedbacks on the earlier released Pascal BLAISE wallet, we have continued to correct these detected issues and add more exciting features to the BLAISE wallet to serve your better. We have released BLAISE wallet version 1.0.3, version 1.0.4 and version 1.0.5.

New features includes:

Support for face authentication for supported devices.

Free PASA distribution on the BLAISE wallet

The new releases fixes the following issues:

Lock screen issues encountered with earlier versions

Authentication issues

Issues with free PASA validation

And so much more!

Download the latest version of the BLAISE wallet :

New exchange listings and enhancement of withdrawal from poloniex

We are also pleased to announce that Pascal coin have been listed on bilaxy exchange. The PASC/USDT pair is available, deposits, trading and withdrawal have also been activated. Start trading here

Feel free to direct your questions to us on our discord channel.

Following the delisting of Pascal from poloniex exchange, users are adviced to first withdraw their coins to a personal wallet, all available wallets can be found directly on our official website. However, in that absence of one, you can now directly send your Pascal coins to any of the following exchanges where we are listed; Bilaxy exchange, qtrade, Vgate.

Pascal atomic swap development continues

The Pascal atomic swap technology enables on-chain exchange of coins and also cross-chain cryptocurrency swaps. To ensure functionality of the atomic swap, we’ve also developed an alpha test version which supports all features of the atomic swap technology, however, this is only available in the Testnet currently as it requires the V5 protocol to function and available for Windows OS and Linux.

Check it out here:


The Pascal project continues and every day we add more bricks to our wall. Our bi-weekly and monthly reports contains all highlights of the stated periods, follow us on our social media channels to catch up with all other updates. You can also join us on discord.

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