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By Dzoelx | Pascal blockchain | 14 Oct 2019


The past couple of weeks have been a very turbulent one for the Pascal project and holders of the Pascal coin, amidst the wave of pessimism, the Pascal project is as alive as ever and all development processes are still quite ongoing as we strive to develop a blockchain of possibilities and infinite abilities.

It’s a nice point to pause and bring to you all the highlights of the past couple of weeks as it concerns the Pascal project…

Delisting of Pascal from poloniex exchange

Following notice by the prestigious Poloniex exchange to all PASC holders, pascal coin will be delisted from poloniex on 15th October 2019. This comes as a surprise to the Pascal team and holders.

However all Pascal coin traders who have their funds on the exchange is advised to move their coins to a personal wallet and stay tuned for further announcements from the Pascal project team.

Currently, the Pascal coin is listed on a couple of exchages where you can trade your coins against desired cryptocurrencies. After the delisting on 15th October, PASC holders will still able to withdraw their coins until 15th November 2019. All holders are expected to complete all withdrawal activities within the specified time.
You can still trade your Pascal coins on these exchanges

Community management and rewards system 

Following the pronounced volatility of cryptocurrencies which is well depicted in the constant fluctuation of coin value, the Pascal DAO team has been working on a suitable way to sustain the foundation bursary and achieve a workable rewards system. With respect to this and sequel to the community voting as regards this, all contractors have been requested to halt all duties as the team delineates a sustainable rewards scheme for all contracts, all unpaid contracts will be satisfied before the introduction of the new reward scheme – Pasconomy.

Pasconomy rewards scheme rewards all contractors for duties performed at an agreed amount of PASC which will be renewed every quarter, this is to ensure sustainability of the foundation funds and ensure that developments continue amidst the fluctuating cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Mobile wallet development continues…

In order to further enhance useability of pascal’s BLAISE wallet, we have added In-wallet support functions which allows the user get useful tips on how to use the BLAISE wallet, troubleshooting and other Information which will assist them in using the BLAISE wallet without hassle. This upgrade will be added on our next update.

V5 protocol implementation

We continue the testing phase of the V5 protocol with the release of the Beta 1 and Beta 2 Testnet of the V5 protocol, kindly check our previous reports to access and assess the Testnet for the V5 protocol. The Mainer release of the V5 protocol is just around the corner! The team is working hard to ensure the smooth functioning of the v5 protocol and also its release. We promise not to keep you waiting!

Rebranding continues

We have continued in our efforts to ensure that the new community chosen name for the Pascal project is reflected on all appearances this includes exchanges, blogs and partnerships. We also wish to appreciate all concerned bodies who have co-operated with us to effect this very useful change on their platforms. The unity in name ensures that all investors, holders and researchers are not confused with the right name of the project.
Stay tuned for further updates about the Pascal project!

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