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By Dzoelx | Pascal blockchain | 15 Nov 2019



BUILDing is a process, time tasking, yet adventurous. We continue to build on the pascal network, making it better with each day that comes by. Exciting times! The past couple of days have been another one to talk about with all the happenings and excitement centred around our much expected version 5 upgrade. It’s mid-month, and a good point to pause and bring to you the notable highlights…

Version 5 upgrade continues

On our roadmap is boldly written the Version 5 upgrade as our major goal for the year. Working towards this goal, we have successfully completed every Pascal Improvement plans (PIPs) associated with this upgrade which puts the Pascal blockchain ahead in terms of technological capabilities. The V5 upgrade opens up many use case opportunities for Pascal blockchain, one of which we discussed on our previous release, The PascalDex.
We are glad to confirm that we are completing the version 5 upgrade before the year runs out!. Peak of our bi-weekly report is the release of the Pascal v5 upgrade source code

Source code release and binaries are available at GitHub also at SourceForge:

Kindly follow the link and upgrade to the latest version

Technical info about how to upgrade is here:


We’ve also kept you waiting for a long time, and here! We’ve got a date! The hardfork for the V5 upgrade is expected to happen at block 378,000, this is expected to happen between December 12–13 2019.

With the upgrade comes the implementation of all features of the V5 protocol, this includes the Atomic swap technology, Account seal technology, the RandomHash 2 and several other interesting improvement plans. Join the discussion on our discord channel all contributions and suggestions are seriously considered and appreciated.

Poloniex delisting

Just for notice, poloniex exchange is expected to complete the delisting process of Pascal from their exchange at the end of 15th November 2019, pascal wallet will be disabled and withdrawals as well as deposits will be stopped. Hence we urge all coins holders who have their coins on the said exchange to endeavor to complete all withdrawal process before the end of 15th November, we have sleek wallets for all Operating system, hence you can easily download a wallet for any operating systems and withdraw your coins to your personal wallet (preferably), however you can also directly transfer to some of the exchages we are listed on (Qtrade, Bilaxy exchange and Vite dex), trade activities are also convenient on all active exchanges and Pascal can be sold and purchased on these exchanges.

Trading activities on Poloniex have since stopped, withdrawals can still be made before the end of 15th November. Kindly join us on discord channel for questions as regards withdrawals and valid exchanges.
Note:A payload is not required when you are transferring to your personal wallet. To transfer to exchanges, ensure to correctly copy the payload (deposit remarks) from the exchange and enter it correctly in the space for payload and complete your withdrawal.

Project management and Governance

With a major upgrade coming, the project key-team and the general community is expected to make notable changes to the project management system, project organisation, community governance and the contribution rewards system. With Pasconomy reward system, the foundation hopes to ensure sustainability while rewarding deserving contributions to the growth of the project. Numerous changes to the management system! Further detail on this will follow with our subsequent updates. Stay tuned!


Follow up with the Pascal project

All new releases on github:

The discussion continues on discord!:

Follow us on twitter:

All recent updates on facebook:



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