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By kenneth kayan | Job Interview Q&A | 26 Feb 2020

Would you like to earn money for watching videos, well in this post am going to share with you how you can earn money for doing that as myself for so long had always wanted to find a way of earning from videos without making/ creating any content, but had always failed to a find a way to earn from watching videos cause its something i do every day, and since YouTube and almost all of the other video streaming platforms only benefit the creators, its just till a month ago when i found an interesting platform that i felt i should share with you so that you can as well benefit from your time and data you spend watching videos on video streaming platforms, firstly am going to introduce to you the platform and walk you through as well how it works and how you can benefit from the platform. 





                            The platform is called Verasity, its built on ethereum and its an attention-based platform for video rewards which builds infrastructure and tools for video publishers to serve rewarded video and loyalty programs to their viewers, veracity came into play with the purpose of solving the challenges that the online video space has been facing, improve the online video engagement, increase publisher monetization and creating a fairer online economy by releasing a video player system that offers video publishers and creators a way to enhance their audience video engagement by rewarding viewers for watching their videos, viewers are paid with a cryptocurrency known as VRA  as a reward for their attention351665157-7d3e5633a81b5a795f47b9e53e8db48f955b47b86cfa490fcf511da4dd61b2b9.png




                            One thing i found most interesting with the verasity platform is the fact that you don’t have to download or install any thing on you computer or mobile phone to access or even benefit from the platform as its already integrated into most of the video streaming platforms such: YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, JWPlayer, Brightcove, Kaltura, VideoJS, Flowplayer and Ooyala, all you have to do is follow the link, head to earn, then scroll down to click on each publisher of your choice,




play the video till the trophy on the upper right hand of the video player turns green,click on it which you then get directed to the inbuilt verawallet where you claim for your reward which comes in VRA




                           Another interesting thing i loved about verasity is that both publishers and viewers are seamlessly likely to adopt without any changes in workflow, habits or preferences, which i see as a feature that might help it a lot in scaling without facing many challenges that are being faced by other video platforms


                           Verasity also has a video game called triviata where in-game rewards can be redeemed for crypto such as VRA or BTC which can be spent for goods at stores such as: and OR you can even send you VRA to verawallet or exchanges where its trading OR more still you can choose to stack you VRA earning and earn 36.5% a year and 0.01% being paid out daily . Triviata can be downloaded from the apple store and google play


                          Thank God to verasity as now publishers can grow their Audience by buying VRA on exchanges and viewer can get rewarded for their time they spend on watching the publishers content, isn’t that just awesome.


                           verasity’s platform is fully functional and operating already, so if you interested in earning some VRA for yourself, feel free to follow my link below to join and start earning today as there is nothing for you to download and you instantly start earning by watching videos and claiming tokens straight away.




                                       Only views from signed in viewers are counted, however viewers who are not signed in can still view free videos,so you will need to create an account with them which is easy as ABC and it takes not as many seconds or minutes that you have spent reading this post cause for views for people who are not signed in are not confirmed through PoVTM

                                Within a video platform, views are a type of transaction. To provide accountability and therefore transparency for transactions, a unique identifier needs to be allocated to all parties involved. When viewers create an account, they are assigned an anonymous ID that then marks the video views generated by that user.

                                 A single user cannot make multiple views at the same time as PoV will not count views when more than one video is running in parallel from a single user. so don’t bother wasting your time if you where thinking of cheating.


I’m Kenneth Kayan, thanks for reading and if you like the content in this post, please don’t forget to TIP, LIKE AND FOLLOW so that you don’t miss out on more of interesting posts like this. And still let me know still what your view is about verasity in the comment section below.


kenneth kayan
kenneth kayan

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Job Interview Q&A
Job Interview Q&A

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