What Could Happen When You Get Distracted?

By artbytes26 | JL Info Hub | 30 Oct 2021

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This was my entry for the Writing Prompt: Distraction by JonicaBradley in Read.Cash. I thought I'd share it here as well.

This is a Game of Focus


Hello, dear readers. Have you seen that movie of Will Smith? The title is Focus. But the focus of this article is not about the whole movie, but only on that scene. Have you learned anything about that scene? And I don't mean learning how to steal things. Well... maybe a little... But not that I want you to become a pickpocket or a snatcher or anything...


Watch it again if you need to. But focus on the trick he applied to steal. I know it looks far-fetched to happen in real-life. But I assure you, from my experience, the principle applied to this scene is true. And what is that? One word



Take note of the part where Smith emphasizes touching on one side of the woman and stealing something from the other side. Distraction! And that happened to me many years ago.

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I was riding a jeepney (a form of public transportation here in the Philippines) on my way to work. Some men came up. One sat on my left. I can't remember if the man on my right was with them as well. But the man on my left kept moving... as if he was not comfortable in his seat. He was pressing me towards the man to my right. After a few minutes, they got off the jeepney. I felt something was off. My wallet was halfway out of my pocket. I checked it. I found out that all the cash was gone. The passenger in front of me asked me how much I lost. A few minutes after telling him, he got off the jeepney. That's when I realized how they worked.

The man on my left was the distraction. If I am right, the one on my right was a cover. The pickpocket was the second man to my right. I would also assume that the passenger who asked me how much I lost was part of their crew. I was amazed that he was able to put my wallet halfway back into my pocket without me feeling it.

This is what happens or what could happen when you get distracted. You lose something. Yes, when you get distracted you could lose something. It could be, like in my case, cash... or something intangible like time.


Lost Time

This morning, I planned to jog. I was up already at 4:30 in the morning. After my morning prayer, and reviewing my goals. I wanted to create another image quote. I made it a point that my first post in noise dot cash is a motivational/inspirational quote on an image.

Image Source Unsplash

While doing that, I accidentally swiped my screen to the right. It opened the news page on my phone. One of the headlines caught my attention so I opened it. I started reading the news. Then another.

I was distracted. By the time I looked at the time (yeah, that's another repetition), it was already 5:20 in the morning. I haven't made my image quote yet and I haven't prepared for my planned morning jog yet. I decided to cancel my plan.

The lesson was, I got distracted and I lost time.

These are just two examples of what we can lose when we got distracted.

Have you ever experienced that when you were composing an article and you got distracted? After which your train of thoughts got derailed and you can no longer remember what you were supposed to write? Frustrating isn't it.

How about you? What do you think could happen when you get distracted


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