Do we want to create the new world we dream of?

By jkernel | Mr.Robot | 9 Oct 2021

Let's get serious now.
Most of us enjoy using this site to follow cryptocurrencies, and we attempt to find the most accurate information while our time acquires value. Furthermore, we continue to support sites that censor us and constantly tell us what to do.
There is no reason, in my mind, that despite the fact that there are corresponding sites based on blockchain and which turn the time we spend into value, we have them on the sidelines and continue to enrich the rich.

What are we waiting for?

Do we finally strive for more? Do we want to create the new world we dream of?

Why do we stay only in words?

Today I thought of creating a video channel.
Many would think that I create it on Youtube and support it through a Facebook page. Wonderful. This is what I was waiting to hear.

There are already ready-made platforms that can reward me with cryptocurrency for my creations, so why should I choose YouTube, which at any moment will censor my videos and download them in accordance with the algorithm's appetites?
In the meantime, the algorithm will strike me and send me a warning telling me that after three strikes my channel will be shut down.

Wonderful once again. Our minds will be shaped by them and we will run after them to grab the strike back. "I have put a lot of effort into this, please don't shut it down."

Rather than remove them from our lives, we have them as employers who tell us what our content should be.

Guys, it's time to move on.

The world around you is changing. The aim is to crush us, to convince us that reality is one and in fact, theirs.

Let's turn off their TVs, internet channels, news sources, and all other propaganda sources.

It is our time, we have everything we want now. We have our own system. We have our own Satoshi.

It is time to react by ignoring them. We simply do not listen to you and do not accept your perceptions of how we should live.

Everyone builds their own reality. What is the reality? It's our interest. It's all that we like and love. These are what we want to do all day and to do them we need time. Blockchain came to turn people's time into value. We have it in our hands now. Prometheus-Nakamoto placed it in our hands but we are still asleep.
I hope that when we wake up it will not be too late.

Incidentally, I will build my channel exclusively on blockchain platforms starting from
A really amazing site for video content and more. You can also upload your articles to it. Rewards you with LBRY credits that have dollar exchange rates.
Then I intend to upload my content to 3SPEAK which is awesome too.

In case you want to register and win bonus LBRY Credits you can follow my invite link:$/invite/@Whatis

You can also enter without my link here:

I hope you found these simple thoughts useful. They’re ones I’ll remember from now on too.

Ηead's up guys!

See you again. I greet you.

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