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Week In Review (11.29~12.5)

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Week In Review, a short recap of everything and anything I have been up to in the space this past week.  Hope all of you can find at least something of interest in this montage of interviews, writings, and videos across various mediums.

The Uplifters Lenz: Neon City

"Neon Space is a visual art brand making vaporwave style neon signs minted as NFTs on the WAX blockchain. An integration of meme culture, vaporwave aesthetic and nostalgia, each sign is a 3D visual representation of the Neon City metaverse." Check out this Neon City edition of The Uplifters Lenz to peer into their super rad Uplift World Metaverse Genesis build.


Monday Morning Chill

Monday’s are always a great to day to chill, and sometimes you just gotta touch base with those and the the things you love most.  It might just be the chillest morning you’ll have all week, and what better way to spend it than w/ the UpLifters?!? Oh, and to top it all off this week Corey and I were joined by MiggyCrypto to chit chat about all things blockchain and especially NFT's across multiple projects and chains. 

Pomelo Pitch Deck

Pomelo Pitch Deck, was a mini series I kicked off aimed at keeping the community as up to date and informed as possible on all the active grants happening with some of the projects seeking funding through Pomelo grants. For the final episode for the first season of I touched base with Charlie of Facings to get the low down on their proposal.  

Exhibition Spotlight: The Creation of Art

This series is based upon gallery exhibits inside the Uplift World from real artists bringing their craft into the metaverse.  For this one we dive into two really interesting builds which were initiated by the creator of The Rocket Gallery and involve two very talented artists and unique incorporations of art into the Genesis sector of The Uplift World.  


Jumbie Art NFT's Launch for $BLU

This week I welcomed back NFTerraMike from Jumbie Art for an update on all they have been doing in the world of art, NFT's, and real world blockchain integration and education.  We also got to take a sneak peak into the new transformative additions to the Jumbie Art Uplift World Genesis headquarters and hear all about the new Hindu and Egyptian WAX NFT's available exclusively for the first week for $BLU. Check out our last video with NFTerraMike at

For those interested in more, read all about Jumbie Art in The Uplift World BLDRZ: The Boardwalk @ Exit 81 and check out our live pre event coverage of The Jumbie Art NFT Portal Launch Party.

#Shameless_Plug_of_UpLifting_Proportions: The Giant Melon Shop

This piece dives into the pretty epic build as far as The Uplift World community economy is concerned and details all the amazing ongoings of The Giant Melon Shop in the survival based UpLuft sector.  Really amazing what those working on this build have accomplished here.  


UpLift UpDate

Sometimes you just gotta hang out with your mate, and for this special episode Corey and I decided to do just that.  And what's even better than the two of us sitting around talking about The Uplift World, NFT's, BluDAC, YoshiDrops, and giving away some NFT's to some who joined us?? Well, that would be when Miss Teen Crypto shows up in the comments, books us for next week, and then we say hey, why don't you also hop in and hang with us for a bit today too!

NFT Game Day: GiftyKids

As the name suggests, NFT Game Day is all about NFT’s and games in the blockchain space.  This week we were joined by an all star cast of those who are looking to put the gift back into the spirit of Christmas through their collaborative charity based NFT holiday lineup and drop, GiftyKids.

The project involves 100 pieces of art from 24 different collections from multiple blockchains come together in a unique charity project with 100% of net proceeds to @CMNHospitals.

How it works...

There are 100 pieces for sale a day over the course of the 24 days for a total of 2400 from 24 different collections. Oh, and because it's Christmas, the NFTs can only be bought for another wallet and are hidden until the 25th.

The whole project is designed for gifting and charity, making enough to cover the costs for each collection, but the rest going to the Children's Miracle Network of children's hospitals.

Hop on in to learn more and how to participate in the NFT gift giving extravaganza that is GiftyKids.

The Edge

Every week I get together to hang out and talk all things blockchain and crypto with Sean Ballent of Cryptowriter for a little series we have dubbed 'To the Edge of Obscurity & Beyond". This past week’s episode was a little even more relaxed than usual as we dove into a variety of topics including Crunk news, UNDRGRND NFT's and memberships stretching across 5 distinct chains, The Uplift World Metaverse events and updates, our honest thoughts on Voice NFT's, and more.  And of course as usual, we ended with some giveaways for those who jumped in and interacted with us live.


The UpLifters Lenz: The Maul Gallery

Not only is The Maul Gallery full of some of the most amazing real world Star Wars fan art you could ever possibly imagine, but it's the epitome of brilliance when it comes to melding Minecraft building blocks together into a gallery of wonder through an almost tardis like ingenuity making a meager 50x50 plot into a universe unto itself.


Multiple Shaders of Maul

So much perspective can come from life if you welcome it.  Take for instance The Maul Gallery featured in the article above.  When wandering through and taking snapshot after snapshot I often caught myself wondering what it would look like through the vantage point of the eyes of another.  ThenI realized that in this metaverse, it wouldn't only be the eyes of another, but also the shaders of another.  Thus, creator of The Maul Gallery TheMTBR and I decided to do this thing where we see just how many killer 'shader' variant images we could drum up for a follow up piece - and with the incentive of some really cool prizes of course.  




The Throwback Loop

As previously mentioned, I thought it would be interesting to revisit an article curated in the past.  It should go without saying that not everything may in these pieces may still hold true, but for me it is an important part of my journey in being where I am today in this space and I’d like to think that others may find this of interest as well.

This past week I spent a lot of time looking at and thinking about art in The Uplift World Metaverse, both in the forms you see above as well as some things that are close to materializing in the background beyond the publics eye.  Likely due to some combination of my early love for philosophy and classical culture, one of my favorites has always been The School of Athens.  Funny how this collage of greats by Raphael speaks to me even more these days being involved with the artistic pallet our little metaverse has become.


And that dear ladies and gentlemen wraps up this edition of Week In Review.  Don't fret though, cause by now those who are avidly following these posts know that we will pick it up next week with many things both revamped and completely new.  

Until that time again then, hopes that you all will be present and enjoy all the positives of this fragile existence we call life.

Jimmy D

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Jimmy D [The Uplift World]
Jimmy D [The Uplift World]

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