TenX Crypto Powered Prepaid Visa Card

The Company: TenX Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore based company with strong industry support having graduated from the PayPal startup incubation program. The team also won first place at the DBS Blockchain Hackathon as OmniChain… TenX is also developing COMIT for use on our backend. COMIT stands for Cryptographically-secure Off-chain Multi-asset Instant Transaction. It is a network that will
leverage Hashed Time Lock Contracts, Payment channels, and Liquidity Providers to create a decentralised network of cross-chain asset conversion” (Who is TenX?).


TenX Service Regions: Ten X services and cards available residents of the Australian, Hong Kong, Malaysian, New Zealand, and Singapore Asia Pacific Region.  Due to compliance issues, account creation and ordering of the TenX debit card is not yet supported in a variety of countries, most notably China, India, Indonesia, and the USA (see a complete list here).  Once a TenX card is obtained and charged, it can be used at Visa-supported locations, online shops, and ATM’s globally.

Applying for the TenX Debit Card: 

  • Download the TenX wallet app and create an account.  TenX debit cards are only available for order direct from the iOS and Android wallet apps.

  • Load TenX wallet with cryptocurrency

  • Order the TenX card through the app.  Each order costs $15USD in BTC or ETH, and will be deducted directly from the TenX Wallet to cover issuing and shipping costs.  Your account must be verified before your card can be sent.

For a more in depth look into this process please see How do I order a card? on the official TenX Help Center page

TenX prepaid Visa card Fees: TenX charges an annual $10.00 USD card fee, but waves this if customers spend more than $1,000 USD on the card yearly.  There is also a $3.25 fixed ATM withdrawal fee per transaction, however, this may increase depending upon if the ATM used adds a separate fee on top of that.

TenX prepaid Visa card limits: Even though the TenX Visa is a prepaid card, meaning you must have the funds in the account before you can spend them, the card also comes with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly spending and ATM withdrawal limits.

Source: What are the spending limits of the TenX card?


Official TenX Links:

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