Exodus Wallet: Top 10 Best Crypto DApps Reveiw

Exodus Wallet: Top 10 Best Crypto DApps Reveiw


‘Wrapping Solid Engineering Inside Beautiful Design


Without a doubt one of the most progressive wallet projects in the space, Exodus has rewritten the book on what it means to be groundbreaking and innovative with while still maintaining sleek design and enhanced usability for the average user.  As the founders JP Richardson and Daniel Castagnoli seem to suggest, Exodus is a wallet built for people who aren’t necessarily the most tech savvy or lack the time it takes to become familiar with the process of storing or trading cryptocurrencies in the way that is presently common in this space.

“We poured our hearts into every detail, from pixel-perfect icons to subtle sounds, creating a blockchain asset experience that works for everyone. Exodus makes it fun and easy to learn and use blockchain assets. No technical talk. No messy wallets. No confusing steps. Exodus is designed for people who have never used an exchange. Ready to exchange Bitcoin for Ethereum? Exodus hides the complex details; in seconds, assets are exchanged behind the scenes.”

Exodus wallet can be downloaded from Exodus.io on Windows, MacOS, Linux, and iOS.  The installation is really quite simple and and easy undertaking whereby users are guided through a process to create an account and take down the necessary information.  At present Exodus wallet supports over 100 different cryptocurriencies both on and beyond the Ethereum blockchain.  Common non-Ethereum currencies include most of the big boys like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Stellar, Ripple, NEO, Monero, Waves, and even stable coins such as TruUSD.  This is a really nice feature as a variety of crypto chain addresses are generated for each asset and one does not need to use a new wallet for every chain.  Adding these assets is as simple as clicking a menu icon and then enabling them into the main portfolio, and for Ethereum based assets, they will be added automatically upon transferring funds into the Exodus Ethereum address.

Exodus is constantly updating and the coin list for supported is always being increased.  In addition, it’s quite normal for them to support the launch of a main chain such as EOS or Binance when converting over from Ethereum.  For any of you that have been around in the space for any amount of time, I’m sure you can attest that sometimes this is a very stressful time as often its the case whereby some exchanges support where as others do not the transfer of tokens from the Ethereum token to the main net.  An added value to this support feature is that its often not necessary to transfer tokens to an exchange or private contract which is great for those with a large amount of tokens or those just wanting to always remain in control of their own private keys.  Exodus also has an internal exchange powered through Bancor that allows users to transfer assets seamlessly between tokens and coins without ever having them leave the the wallet.  This is especially nice as it enables quick exchange of supported tokens on the fly and cuts down on transfer times, human error, and a whole plethora of other taxing issues especially new users to the space may find difficult at first. (For a video on the exchange process, please see here).

Although there is no kyc for Exodus, a couple options for backup do exist which also allow users to remain safe in the knowledge that should anything happen to their device, funds can be recovered via an email back-up or a 12 word recovery phrase.  I strongly recommend for all users that this be set up and utilized before transferring in any substantial amount of assets.  (For the above photo source and a video showing the backup process, please check out the following link).

For a complete setup of Exodus wallet, this video tutorial will help you on your way.

Trezor Integration

One more recent adaption to the Exodus.io wallet is the inclusion of Trezor hard wallet support whereby users can utilize many of the features available within Exodus for crypto stored on their Trezor.  The partnership between the two is offers many benefits as it implements both the easy usability of Exodus and advanced security of Trezor to enhance and build upon the strengths of both projects.

  • Trezor portfolio performance tracking with real time charts and live market details
  • Trezor multi asset wallet allowing secure and easy management of 90+ Trezor supported assets
  • Trezor hardware wallet exchange allowing in wallet asset transfer without having to divulge private keys

Exodus Mobile

In addition to all these features, the ability to connect to the Exodus wallet on both the desktop and via mobile device is also a great benefit enabling users to have some of these features at their fingertips.  With the same sleek design and features built right in, it’s especially nice for users that maybe cannot be around or maybe have access to an actual computer that they trust.

If you are not familiar with the Exodus mobile, here is a tutorial to guide you through the setup and features it offers.

Exodus Wishlist 

Although I really do think that Exodus.io has come a long way and done an amazing job with these wallets and all the features they entail, it really wouldn’t be fair to mention the couple issues that I’m hopeful in the future will be improved upon:

First of all, one thing that is missing from Exodus is the ability to add customized token contracts for the Ethereum based tokens.  I’m guessing here that this is intentional by design but it would be nice to have this feature enabled for coins that might not yet be listed.  However, that said it is likely not all that necessary, as tokens that have been sent to the Ethereum address within the wallet can be viewed via Etherscan.io and are not that difficult to access with MyEtherWallet, although I prefer not to do this as I don’t like exposing my private keys unless absolutely necessary.  In order to circumvent this issue the Eidoo wallet for Ethereum based projects not supported by Exodus offers a nice balance as it auto adds token contracts – something that is also bothersome with MEW or Metamask.

Secondly, although it may not be entirely necessary, the lack of 2 factor authentication or email verification is a little worrisome when it comes to security.  I really hope in the future that they consider adding such a feature as this would level up an already great product that Exodus had developed and continued to improve over the short time that they have been around.

In conclusion, have you had the chance to test out the Exodus wallet I highly recommend it.  It really is one of the most user friendly wallets on the market and has a great simplified and fairly intuitive design pleasing new and veteran users alike.  Although the token list may not be the most comprehensive, the team seems to be working hard to update and improve both this and the overall experience of the users continually.  For this I think it more than appropriate to include it on this ‘Top 10 Best Crypto DApps’ list regardless of whether it is completely open sourced or decentralized.  For this one then, that about wraps it up – although I shall return soon with another DApp to add to the list.  Until that time again then, please do be safe out there wherever you may happen to be and with whatever you may happen to be doing, in crypto and beyond.

Your Trybalist in creative arms, Jimmy D

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