EOSIO Weekly Featuring John Heeter of Boid.com

In this weeks episode Corey and Jimmy D continue our mission of getting through the top news stories in the EOSIO space, have time to delve into a little perspective and banter about our thoughts concerning the space, and are joined by special guest John Heeter of Boid.com.  Lots to talk about in this one concerning Boid, Chirp, NFT’s, the upcoming Uplift.art Series One Drop, and more.

EOSIO News & Links

TribalBooks.io from the creators of Prospectors.io went live with their NFT sale on November 11th.  The project itself allows for players to collect a series of cards and combine magical powers from Tribal Books in a P2P card battle game on WAX.io

Uplift.Art has 2 ongoing contests where those participate have the chance at being rewarded a Community Crate from the pre-event:

Uplift.Art ‘I’m Not the Bubble’ Series One Drop Mechanics: https://upliftdao.com/themintsprint-upliftart-nft-im-not-the-bubble-series-one-drop-mechanics/

@EOS_Nation  wanted to ensure the inevitable traffic growth from the BSN goes to the EOS Mainnet … The incentives are aligned for BSN to point to the Mainnet, instead of elsewhere.” https://chirp.la/posts/s6xjKFWeA9wtbzArI1Ga

Coffee with Greymass and Yves LaRose Discussing the EOS Resource Modelhttps://chirp.la/posts/a6GRlpz5BXyPW8zmSy5X

The Boid Channel on Chirp will soon be the first EOS supported token on the Chirp platform that is given to those that contribute to the channel.  Get 10 BOID per post and 1 BOID per like for interacting with BOID on Chirp.

Boid Tesla NFT Auction finishes up in about 4 days.  There is still time to join the auction and place some bids.  Learn more here: https://trybe.one/boid-breaches-barriers-offering-the-first-nft-on-eos-with-real-utility


Following up on our discussions from a couple episodes ago, in regards to the pTokens and EOSFinex, check out The Viability of a Blockchian: When Liquidity Strikes Back


For those interested in the Uplift.art ”I’m Not the Bubble’ Series One Drop event, participation in future giveaways and the main event will require access to a WAX account.  Don’t worry though, as it is one of the easiest on-boarding to blockchain you will ever experience.  Check the following for more:

How, What, And Why WAX Blockchain and NFT Beginners Guide

For more on Uplift.art’s November 15th Series One Drop check out these articles:

EOSIO Weekly

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