Alliance for Global Regeneration: How to Get a Grant for Regeneration!

Alliance for Global Regeneration: How to Get a Grant for Regeneration!

Get financially, socially and ecologically rewarded for contributing to a regenerative movement for a healthier life on this planet!

Note: If you haven’t already, take a pledge to the regeneration of our earth and apply for a grant for your organization!

Sign the pledge for regeneration

What is a SEEDS Alliance?

SEEDS exists to serve the global movements, organisations and businesses that are creating a more just, connected and regenerative society.

SEEDS is a financial ecosystem that not only recognizes and rewards the contributions that you as planetary healers make, but also amplifies your efforts.

We need to shift and evolve.

SEEDS is meant to serve as the financial and governance layer for this transition. It’s a system that allows us to opt-in to an economy that provides people and planet, both more voice and value!

The purpose of these grants is to give all the diverse organisations and movements a financial stake in this regenerative civilization and to reward you for the work you’re doing to make it happen.

This helps us unite our various causes under a unified and regenerative financial ecosystem.

Earn Seeds

SEEDS is designed as a financial ecosystem that rewards regenerative behaviours and finances the creation of a more beautiful world.


SEEDS has reserved ~377M Seeds for gifting to organisations who offer value to the SEEDS community and our planet.

Note: If you’re gifted these Seeds, they are held in an escrow account until the “Go Live” event is triggered (estimated mid 2021). At this point the Seeds will slowly be released to your organisation to use, hold or exchange.

Example organisations and movements

  • Peer to peer exchange platforms
  • Festivals, events and gatherings
  • Positive movements and charities
  • Regenerative, sustainable (or eco) businesses
  • Food systems, farms and co-operatives
  • Renewable or regenerative energy
  • Whole systems designers / think tanks
  • Sustainable and regenerative housing
  • Conscious media and social platforms

See SEEDS Alliances for a current list

Aligning the movements and our shared interests

Shared prosperity

The more SEEDS grows, the more valuable your grant becomes. This shared prosperity, by nature, aligns the interests of all the organisations in the SEEDS alliance who are thriving to create a healthier society.

When we grow as one, we all prosper.

Since we all share in the prosperity of SEEDS we now have financial incentives to help all the other organisations and movements within SEEDS thrive.

A Cooperative Global Economy — By aligning financial incentives to reward cooperation

With this added incentive we may make our purchases from each other, share in the costs of marketing, supply chain and platform development. Hypha (an organisation behind SEEDS) will actively market all alliance members and seek to open new markets and grow the collective movement.

This embodies the truth that we’re all in this together and creates the conditions that support cooperation over competition.

Tools built by Hypha are open source — such as the DHO (Decentralized Human Organisation) tools that alliance organisations can use to decentralize their governance and value distribution at scale. This allows organisations to create equity tokens, your own currency, manage governance and engage your global community in a more robust and holistic way.

As they succeed, you succeed. As you succeed, they succeed.

Our regenerative financial ecosystem

SEEDS directs value towards the activities that are healing our planet and making a more beautiful world for us (and all life on this planet) to enjoy and pass on to our children.

How to apply for a grant


Step 1: Get the Passport (If you don’t already have it)

1.1 Get invited (give a referral bonus to your friend)

Get an invite from an existing member (whoever shared this article with you).


1.2 Download the App directly

Android — Download here

iOS — Download here

Step 2: Create an organisation account

Note: This walk-through is shows an old wallet screen — but the process is the same.

After you’ve created your personal profile, create an organisation profile and account for the organisation you’re applying for.

You can find this in the top right menu.

  1. Click on your account name on the top right.
  2. Click “Organisation / Business”
  3. Click “Create organisation account”

Note: There is a nominal fee (200 Seeds) associated with creating an organisation account. Buy the 200 Seeds or apply for a scholarship to have all fees waived. This fee is here to prevent malicious attacks and spam as a blockchain account is being created. The Seeds for the fee are destroyed.

Step 3: Cultivate a proposal for your grant

This grant is to acknowledge the value you bring to the movement and recognize any actions you’ve already taken to create a regenerative and thriving global society. The Citizens of SEEDS are the ones voting on what proposals are funded.

You need to get 80% of the votes in favor of your proposal and at least 5% of the Citizens voting for you in order for it to pass!

Proposal fee

No organisation needs to ask permission to submit a proposal. However, there is a proposal fee of 500 Seeds. You’re encouraged to do research before making a proposal.

Note: This fee is to reduce spam and abuse and encourage well-considered proposals. If your proposal passes you will get this fee back!

3.1 Research

Look at previously passed proposals, discuss with the community in the Forum and engage with the Hypha team to find out what the community is supporting and what to ask for.

Best practice is to create a forum proposal discussing your grant and seeing what the community thinks before submitting a grant request.

3.2 Recommendations — Offer value!

You will increase the chances of your proposal passing if you offer value to the SEEDS community. This could be value you’re giving indirectly (through serving people or planet) or it could be discounts on products and services or any other gift you can offer to the movement.

Example 1: Gifts to the community
Discounts on products and services— with the added benefit that these discounts are compensated in Seeds from the network (up to a fixed value). This way value is offered to the community and you’re able to gain more value in Seeds!

Example 2: Regeneration efforts
Dedication to healing people and our planet (such as tree planting initiatives, restorative land projects, regenerative food production education and more.) These organisations can request a grant that acknowledges the efforts they have already taken to heal our planet and continue to do.

3.3 Constraints & best practices

This grant is designed to reflect the regenerative impact and potential of an organisation.

To offer a guideline and best practice the bands below can guide your grant proposal.

These bands reflect how much your organisation is leading the regenerative movement and the size of your economy & community.

  • Small $2,500 to $5,000 USD in Seeds — Sole owners |Start ups|
  • Medium $7,500 to $10,000 USD in Seeds — 5K+ Active members|
  • Large $15,000 to $20,000 USD in Seeds — 100K+ Active members| Established organisations |Proven regeneration & impact|
  • Grande $25,000 to $30,000 USD in Seeds — 500K+ Active members|Planetary organisations |High impact regenerators|

Note: These are rough bands — use your best judgement to determine at what scale and impact your organisation is serving this movement.

Ultimately how much your organisation requests is up to you. Then, it’s up to the Citizens of SEEDS whether or not they will pass it.

Grants are paid on a first-come-first-served basis and paid out referencing the USD value of Seeds at the time of application.

This means the sooner your grant is proposed the more value you’re likely going to get (as the value of Seeds increases).

Step 4: Apply in the Co-op

(See video for walk-through tutorial)

After you’ve cultivated your proposal, it’s time to plant the idea.

4.1 Create a Proposal

  1. First, make sure you’re using your organisation account. Click on the top right menu and click on your organisation account name.
  2. Then head over to the Co-Op tab inside your Passport and click the pen button on the bottom right to create a new proposal.

4.2 New/Full Moon — New Proposals

New proposals are released at the beginning of each new and full moon. Your proposal will go live for the community to vote at these points and will close at the next new/full moon.

Step 5: Promote

Now that you’ve submitted, you can engage and share with the SEEDS community so that they will vote on your proposal if they like what you are offering.

Help the community see the value you’re bringing to the movement and to creating a healthier planet.

Feel free to post in the Forum that you’ve got a proposal that you feel strongly about.

Step 6: Follow through

If your proposal passes, make sure you follow through and are integral with your offerings to the community. Citizens are able to reverse their votes and retract the offer in Seeds (up until go live when the Seeds are released). If this happens your organisational and individual reputation will suffer greatly!

It pays to stay in integrity and keep your commitments.

Frequently asked questions and conditions

  1. Can I spend these Seeds right away?

Grant Seeds are locked in escrow until “Go Live”. These Seeds tie your financial success to the success of the whole movement. As the movement grows the value of your grant grows with it.

2. Is this grant supposed to be given to my community?

What you do with your grant is up to you. For further proposals to activate your community towards regeneration — you can also submit a “Campaign proposal”. These Seeds would be in addition to your grant and can reward your community.

3. How long does the process take?

Voting starts and ends on each new and full moon. Each proposal may take anywhere from 2–4 weeks from proposal to payout.351665157-493d222b1ccc628f3f09fd17e7ceb079d04d5092e87c1d2d8e8271f7045901c5.png

*Republished from the original with permission from the SEEDS team for educational and awareness purposes.

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