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Metaverse NFT Monopoly like Blockchain Real Estate Game UpLand to release QUEENS NEW YORK WEDNESDAY! New player advice.

By Netzien | Netzien | 10 Apr 2022

Metaverse NFT Real Estate Property Trading Game Upland is like Monopoly on steroids and on the blockchain. And you can make Fiat and currency playing the game too. The interface is like a mix between Monopoly, Google Maps, and blockchain tech. Their ads are all over Brave Browser lately. 

Beware, it's addictive and not too hard to give a it a go.

You can get free UPX (the in-game currency to play) and buy your first property in the Metaverse for free, without financial investment using my referral link here: 

I have been paying for about two months. The goal is to build your wealth within the game. I don't have a lot of time to go into great detail, but if Upland continues trending upwards, it's a good time to get started. I would approach with caution as far as investing any real money, and especially do not even consider it until you fully understand the game and join the Discords (joining is key to long term success in my view)

Once you know what's up though, it's fun and holds some promise for a return on investment in my humble opinion. 

If you are entirely new player - here's what I should have done when I started, essentially,

I will start you with three main pieces of my advice that in my view may help you succeed long term. And, yes you could maybe turn this into profit, or at least learn geography and history associated with neighborhoods, like Queens New York, they release based on the real world. 

  • First, I suggest that when you choose your city to start in upon registering, that you choose Detroit. It's supposed to be a city for beginners. Look, I'll help you through things here especially because it's my hometown. 
  • Second, when you "spawn" in the Detroit Metaverse after registering, understand that certain actions will cost you "UPX" and "sends." Just know that you should especially conserve UPX, and conserve sends as best you can. You will discover how to replenish these, sends being more easily replenished, soon enough. 
  • Third. There's not a lot of time yet to do this step. You need to identify the Brightmoor neighborhood on the map in Detroit. Once you find it, send your little metaverse guy to a property in that neighborhood. Ideally send nearby to one that has a stretch of properties that appear gray in color. When you send close to one of these properties, it should become bright green in color (not dark green). And it should say FSA. When you click it, you can "mint" it using the free UPX you got for signing up. ALL the properties in Brightmoor are in collections, which is akin to having a rare pokemon card, or a rarer NFT. They are selling out and these are last little vestige of them left. You could get one, do nothing else, and a little while down the road perhaps sell it for profit in UPX in game, or with a coupe additional steps, maybe for fiat. 

The third one above is key if you want to pay and have not started.

When you launch in Detroit, find Brightmoor neighborhood and buy your first property these using the free UPX you get for signing up. 


To find Brightmoor and buy your first metaverse property using free stuff you got for signing up, start here


Your interface should look like below from the Eagle's eye view, Either with the map lines on or off (you change this using the small icon at the top of the three small icons in the right corner.

The first image below is without map lines, the second with. 

NFT game Upland

Bitcoin cryptocurrency ETH NFTs


So, you got your little block explorer metaverse guy (mine's the rose bundle below) and you got map lines on. No blue dots is expected as you do not yet own properties.

Now you must find the Brightmoor neighborhood. With map lines on, zoom in. You will see neighborhood names come up when you do. 

Brightmoor is in central western portion as seen below. 

Bitcoin cryptocurrency ETH NFTs

Now, you must send your little metaverse guy to property there. To do so, zoom in on Brightmoor, it should look like below when you get a about to the city-block level of zoom (I use my mouse wheel to zoom but there are keyboard functions).

You will mainly see the lighter blue colored areas and some darker green.

Here's where you will look for your first property.

Make make sure you have the settings for displays turned on that show "FSA" labels. Basically, these are beginner designated properties. 

The FSA properties available for purchase you want to target n Brightmooor are going to to be these ones that are when your metaverse guy is far away, will look light gray in color in the pic below.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency ETH NFTs

The above gray colored ones above are props you could target right now in Brightmoor. If you search the address in the pic below, you can get right there. I saved you the work here


Now click on one of the green colored props, or the light blue that are as close to possible to the gray colored FSA props in in Brightmoor.

When you click on one, you' get something like below. This is where can spend your first little tiny bit of UPX to send to the property click.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency ETH NFTs

When you confirm the move, your screen will zoom out, and your little metaverse guy will move there. 

Once there you will see the gray colored ones turn BRIGHT green.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency ETH NFTs

WHEN YOU 100% confirm you are in Brightmoor, click a bright green one. You should get something like below:

Bitcoin cryptocurrency ETH NFTs

Bitcoin cryptocurrency ETH NFTs

This one on Bentley looks good. It's actually still for sale for new players in Brightmoor, but they are going fast. You can buy it, but check the street view first using the little button there. If it's good, great. Like a nice looking house. Vacant land less desirable but ok too. The better looking the street view, the better the prop in the game.

Once you get your first property in this fashion, you really will be off to much better start. You'll have $6,000 UPX for free to start, so a property like the one above is perfect and can be had for free.

It's hard to detail everything, but the main idea is this if you are new.

  • Launch in Detroit.
  • Ration sends, and don't spend any UPX.
  • Find Brightmoor.
  • Find an available property in that neighborhood.
  • Look for best street view in your price range.
  • Don't use your last send.
  • Buy the best FSA in Brightmoor. 

Welcome to the Upland metaverse.

 I hope produce additional Upland articles for advanced players soon, and a couple for beginners.

Thanks for stopping by.

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