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Dorsey resigns

Jack Dorsey just resigned from Twitter. Long term impacts to CryptoTwitter possible?

By Netzien | Netzien | 29 Nov 2021

Hey friends. Just off the press, Twitter Founder and CEO, Jack Dorsey, @jack has resigned, immediately. In a surprise move, the multibillionaire announced the news on Twitter itself ironically.




As you know, Twitter is a hotbed of complete lunacy at times, as well as complete magic, but for me, I love CryptoTwitter. Jack has clearly supported Bitcoin and the defi movement from the outset. Maybe he will now focus on his evolving crypto-centric company Square as a sole project of interest to grow. 

Anyway, my thought was this, what if the new CEO (whom I do not know much about) or others at Twitter that have a hand in things etc. begin to more thoroughly monitor CryptoTwitter.

For example, clearly, a coin like Shiba Inu gained most of its traction through social media. And while this meme coin has performed pretty well for most people, lots of rug-pulls on meme coins have taken place and been facilitated by the platform. Wise investors sniff these out, but the ability of Twitter to address these types of does exist. Clearly, they can censor and ban, and sometimes these are indiscriminate and based on catch-all types of coding in their schema.

The danger in mind, at first thought, could be if blanket-type policies are put in place for CryptoTwitter that would impact the good things in the space. My gut feeling is that some things could change in the future. Already the SEC hammered down on social media and Twitter with regards to stocks and the stock market - they openly spoke about monitoring (see this Tweet here from Bloomberg )

Anyway, I did not love, or hate Jack Dorsey per se, but I certainly do love Twitter, especially CryptoTwitter. I do remember some Tweets in the past that seemed very creepy related to Satanism that Jack made - actually I just looked them up, this is gross actually see the link here I think I wanted to forget that, but I guess we know where Jack stands (or did in the past). 

So, in conclusion, thanks Jack, but with respect to your religious views though you can hit the road, and to the new people at Twitter - don't F' with CryptoTwitter. 

Thanks for reading. 

Until next time may all your days be green 

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