Is "$FREE Anti Lockdown," the next altcoin? Could this meme token be the next DOGE? NFTs planned and more.

By Netzien | Netzien | 5 May 2021

You read that right, there is a new cryptocurrency called: "Anti-lockdown ($FREE)." "FREE is a community movement token built on Ethereum and built to reclaim their freedom & liberty from the totalitarian act of covid lockdowns"

Recently indexed on Coin Gecko here: and can be traded on Uniswap connected to a Metamask wallet (pretty insane gas fees though).

The trading for the token can be seen below for May 4th.


Below you can see some of the market data for $FREE For May 4th at 6:15 PM East Coast USA time.



Like $SHIB and $ELON, the liquidity pool is locked and burned. It's trading around the $0.050 cents per coin mark.

It would be very speculative and risky to invest. But, seeing DOGE go as it has, and seeing so many affected by lockdowns, anything could be possible. It would be intriguing if the efforts of the governance for this coin that emerge really find a way to give back to those most affected (i.e., job loss).

They have a Twitter: 


Here's their website: It looks like they have plans for NFT related research, and airdrops, and such in the future. Do your due diligence and then some on a potential play like this.

The contract address for Uniswap is: 0xC2Bd7a597391f31D2E36c2cb769fcE0E5bd6d482

And here is the link to Uniswap for it: 

As always, double-check these links and be very careful before proceeding. I can not be responsible for any losses and so forth for any reason and I am not a financial adviser. 

Without making this into a political argument, I'm interested to know your thoughts. It would seem like we may be very, very, very early on this if it has potential. And, if anyone finds a less expensive way to buy this token, please advise.

Good luck out there!

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