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Ethereum Fear and Greed Index at 28, a loss of 4 points since the same time yesterday. Remains at "fear." Jan 31'st

By Netzien | Netzien | 31 Jan 2022

Good morning. Over the last 24 hours, Ethereum lost 0.40 %, and the Ethereum Fear and Greed Index dropped 4 points. At writing, ETH is currently around $2,596 USD. At 7:30 a.m. New York City time Monday, January 31'st, the Twitter account Ethereum Fear and Greed Index @EthereumFear posted that the index score was = 28. That is a loss of 4 points from the same time 24 hours ago. The index remains at the level of "fear" and has not changed since the same time yesterday. Since 24 hours ago, the price has changed from $2,570 USD/ETH (at the time index = 32 posted yesterday same time) to today's price when the index = 28 was published of $2,558 USD/ETH. 


There is relatively less information for this index that is provided with respect to important metrics compared to the Bitcoin Fear and Greed Index. However, they are probably similar and both based upon algorithmic multifactorial analyses including market sentiment. I sure hate gas fees, but ETH is seemingly indispensable for the time being. Nice to see ETH along with our other favorite crypto's holding its ground. Let's hope it keeps trending upwards. Thanks for stopping by and may all your days be Green.


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