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By jfang003 | jfang003 | 26 Apr 2021

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This is my entry into the Leofinance and Ecency Contest by @melbourneswest about my financial goals for 2021.

Why do I want to set a 2021 goal?

Well it was a fairly longer story but you can find out about how I got to HIVE here. In that post, I mention how I believe crypto is the way going forward and thus have started building financial goals towards this. I think HIVE is a great place to be at and I have built my goals here towards achievable in HIVE.

As seen in my previous HPUD, I have been setting monthly goals but I think there is still time to put a target for the end of the year. I don't know if I will make it but it will be my motivation for trying harder in the block chain. In the end, I do not wish to be bound by the current financial system and be financially independent.

My 2021 Goal

Token Goals

1. 1500 HP (Hive Power)
2. 1500 LP (Leo Power)
3. 2 million staked SPORTS
4. 2k staked CTP

I choose the above goals because doing so will generate me a decent amount of income passively through curation. I did not add any dividend tokens yet because I have a hard time picking between them. As these can be achieved by making posts and commenting in the ecosystem.

The HP I think is a no brainer considering the various different ways I can leverage this to get over 15% ARP. The LP goal is because of my belief in the LeoFinance ecosystem. SPORTS right now doesn't have much use cases but I see potential in this tribe because SPORTS is loved all across the world. They started some proposals a few months back but they have come to a standstill and there are many promising things to come. And lastly is CTP which I has lead to many new projects and tokens in the HIVE ecosystem. I think it has huge potential and plan to build my stake.

Other goals

1. Average income of over 10k starbits a day on average in Rising Star
2. Top 100 so I get daily HIVE rewards in Rising Star
3. Increase my RPlanet earnings to over 5k Aether per hour
4. Build a position worth at least 300 CUBs in Cub Finance

Most of this is just to improve the earnings I get per day and a little diversification through games. So the starbits and ranking rewards in Rising Star would at least mean I am passively earning some rewards for dividend tokens. I still plan to grow my Rising Star account but it makes for a good start to have options available incase I see some good opportunities.

As for RPlanet, it is on the WAX block chain and I plan to make a post about it in the future. I am just staking NFTs for passive income. The Cub Finance portion is more towards building some passive income through Defi. I don't trust most of the other platforms so I am focusing on Cub and start planning to add starting next month.

I think making plans is great for motivation. In order to become financially independent and work only when I want to, I want to achieve the above goals. It may take a while but I think its great tto think about the future.

Have you made your own plans? Feel free to comment on your own plans or leave me some feedback on my own

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