June HPUD and Monthly Goals

By jfang003 | jfang003 | 2 Jun 2021

Now that we are at the 1st of June, I need to set my monthly goals and power up some HIVE. When I first started, I had some issues with resource credits and it limited what I could do on the block chain. Due to this, I think HP is very important for new users and on top of that, it helps you in voting for witnesses and proposals.


More information about Hive Power Up Day (HPUD) can be found at the June HPUD by @traciyork. The results of my earnings last month was 225 HP and it is far more than I expected to earn. I was more consistent this month in the beginning but life took over and I went back into my usual pattern of not posting as often.

I do think that the earlier posts during the month were the reason why I blew past my HP goal without issue. I also had a nice payout that really surprised me and I used its earnings in HIVE engine to add on to my holdings.

You can find me quite often at the daily @leomarkettalk post. Its a great place for some engagement and you can also earn some LEO tokens.

6-1 before.png

My current HP (shown above) before powering up is 710 HP and I plan to power up 15 HIVE. The results of this can be seen in the picture below and here is the transaction link. I decided on 15 HP this time around because I did well last month and felt I didn't need to add as much this time aorund

6-1 HP power ups.png

I was behind in my Saturday Saver's Backward Challenge so I powered up some extra HIVE as well. Originally I was planning to catch up earlier but I decided I might as well do it today. This added an extra 6.55HP to my power up today for a total of 21.55 HP today. The only problem was that I messed up my normal Saturday's saver challenge but I can fix that in the future.

6-1 HPUD after.png

May Goals

I decided earlier this month to create some yearly goals. After looking at it today, I have based the amount I need based on it. I missed my INDEX goal last month but I had the orders set incase it dips. So I am not as worried

Token Goals

For the most part, I plan on getting the same amount of staked tokens that I had last month. At least in my opinion, I think maintaining the rate of increase as last month is sufficient until I can guarantee I have enough time.

  1. Increase my HP to 850 HP (currently 730)
  2. Increase my staked LEO to 875 (currently 775)
  3. Increase my staked SPORTS to 1.5M (currently 1.25M)
  4. Increase my staked CTP to 1325 (currently 1,108 with 50 delegated out to BroFi)
  5. Increase my DHEDGE holdings to 200 (currently 56.7)
  6. Invest 200 LEO into Cub Finance

The only goal I did not reach in my token goals was INDEX. Like I said earlier, I had set in the buy orders but the price did not dip down enough. Although I did not have everything fill, my INDEX holdings are still far higher than what it was at the beginning of the month as I currently have 107 INDEX.

I went above my SPORTS target and I now have some extra SPORTS incase I do not have enough HIVE. As my commenting died down, I had to stake a little bit of SPORTS tokens to get the 1.25M goal last month.

This month's dividend token will be DHEDGE. It was one of my first dividend tokens and I think its great to get a constant stream of many different tokens. But I do think I want to increase the holdings because I don't get some of the token drips.

One thing to note was that I surpassed my LEO goal by quite a bit and I put over 300 LEO over into CUB last month. The price has tanked quite a bit with the markets but I plan on leaving them over in Cub Finance for the long term. I have some LEO saved up and it will be going into the CUB/BUSD pool in the coming days. Right now when CUB prices are low, I think its a great time to put it into this pool. Currently I think have enough in the bLEO/BNB pool right now and should add some hedges incase things happen.

Gaming Goals

My goals here aren't as big because I have started some new games but I have no idea about what the goal should be for them.

  1. Top 104 for Rising Star for ranking rewards
  2. Exode Planet NFT

My Rising Star adventure is now getting earlier after that Starbit Millionaire title. In fact, I am able to open 12 packs every week or so. The ranking rewards are now within reach and I fully plan on getting there this month. In fact I think I can reach it soon if I just increase my mission time.

I have been lagging behind in Exode and I need to get that Planet NFT before the next phase launches. But I have been far too lazy and I need to fix this. Today I have a few things to do but I plan on spending the evening on Exode and hope to finish the planet scanning today.

If you are wondering about RPlanet and Aether generation, the new pool system means my original goal does not work. In fact my aether generation went down and I have kind of lost motivation to do Kolobok and Alien Worlds. So no goals regarding this currrently.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or feedback.

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