Short Anime Review #2 Cowboy Bepop

By jezzer71 | Jezzer's World | 29 Aug 2021

An old classic but nonetheless great. I am only ten episodes in but the anime is just a masterpiece so far.

Plot: 9/10
There is no over arching plot so far - each episode is like a unique short story. The story is set in space, or retro space as I like to call it. The scenes on planets look like the classic 20th century scenes. People openly smoking in pubs and bars, alcohol, street food, chinatown places etc... 

Characters: 9/10
They are all unique and realistic and pretty chill. It's what you would expect from a bunch of grown-ups. The main characters are two space bounty hunters but new characters join them in later episodes. They also give of a sense of coolness, the type that isn't forced or established, it's just there.

Art: 8/10
Anime is pictured in a square screen and art is retro anime style. But the fights are clean, art is consistent. I'm not too interested in animes with retro art but in this case it really emphasises the 20th century feel.

Music: 10/10
The music is amazing, the choice of it is amazing. Who would have thought to add jazz as background music to a space show? Yet it fits perfectly - they are bounty hunters so they're work is pretty random or improvised - like jazz solos. And in places where not much is happening, with the vast expanse of space, the ost Cosmos is played - featuring a lone saxophone. Even if you don't have time to watch the show, at least listen to the soundtrack.

This show isn't futuristic in the sense of movies like Star Wars. It is not uniform, the ships in the anime are mostly all different and the characters behave quite differently too - more humanly than two armies trying to dominate a galactic fight. 

Overall this anime brought me great enjoyment. Normally, I watched an episode after a busy day of work which helped me relax. I wouldn't recommend the anime to be binged, it's just not designed to be watched all at once.


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