Animes that changed my life - Attack On Titan

By jezzer71 | Jezzer's World | 3 Jul 2021

Attack On Titan

This is quite possibly the most well known anime in the world. With the 3rd season rated 9.11/10 on MyAnimeList , this show excels in all aspects. 

Art: The art is genius, it's not pristine like Violet Evergarden, nor is it simple like the line drawings of mob psycho. It's ragged which perfectly fits the apocalyptic world its meant to describe. There is no over-sexualization of the characters and no fan service, which is again fitting of the dire scenarios the anime portrays. In the latter parts, especially in the fourth season, it can be difficult to tell what gender the character is by appearance so we end up liking the characters because of their personalities instead of appearance - promoting realism.

Characters: Each character has noticeable development. The show begins with Eren, Mikasa, and Armin in their early teen years and progresses to when they become adults. Even the side characters such as Jean and Connie get excellent development. There may appear to be good or bad characters but [minor spoiler] these are just shades, in the end the anime lets you decide who/if anyone was right or wrong. Unlike the mediocre anime, the characters have multiple sides to their personalities. In a typical cliche anime, you each character would be very specific and appeal to one or two emotions, but AOT characters are realistic.

A lot of my anime - loving friends end up missing out on this masterpiece because they believe there is no romance between the characters. True, there is no flirting/making love, no cute high school love, but there is romance. It is the kind of love found in hard times, there is romance between the main characters, between friendship and between fighters. It is a realist romance. There are cute moments, but the show isn't famous for them.

Music: Being a musician myself and having analysed lots of music pieces in the past, I can say the music here isn't anything groundbreaking or revolutionary. But it is still amazing and fits amazingly well. The music is written for the anime, it is written to depict every move and action and emotion. The openings and endings portray patriotism and hope. Also take the counter-attack mankind ost, for example, it isn't creative but fits the battle scene of horses galloping with underlying semiquavers in the bass and soaring upper strings to symbolise hope.

Plot: It is very relatable. There are three walls which represent the lower, middle and upper class which was ingenious for its time. After watching all 4 seasons I believe there are very clear parallels between the anime world and that of first/second world war countries. Some aspects of the plots in the first three seasons may seem cliche nowadays but they weren't at the time of release. The fourth season is very original apart from the ending.

Why you should watch?

It is a masterpiece, and it will change the way you think. This may not be everyone's favourite anime, but you will gain something new.

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