Is white supremacy the biggest problem facing the US right now?

I was surprised to find out what President Biden thinks the biggest problem facing The United States' of America is at the moment.  He thinks it is white supremacy and I do not think that I agree with him.  While I am not an expert on this subject, I think I may have a pretty good shot at explaining what may be going on.

If one takes the time to scour internet content and specifically investigate the secured party creditor process, you will find some content by a diverse group of people.  The spc process, in all probability, looks to me to be a scam.   Of course, there are an infinite amount of internet charlatans that are running their business and there are also many trolls.  In my opinion, business and trolling seem to be the internet's most prevalent activities.  Anyway, back to spc, when people work the process, they believe that they are protecting their God-given rights and that they are freeing themselves from servitude and even ridding themselves of debt.  Could this process be a vailed process that white supremacists use to strengthen their ranks?  Not to be too conspiracy oriented, but it could be possible.

So, would the spc process actually free an individual and eliminate debt.  Well, I don't think so, but I can definitely get on board with any American, or any person anywhere in the world, wanting to enforce and protect their unalienable rights.  That makes perfect sense to me and, frankly, every single person should affirm their God-rights every single day and be proud that they are a creation of God.  The Constitution guarantees that We the People have certain rights without equivocation.  

When I read the United States' Constitution, I get tingles up and down my spine, but also I just do not think that the rule-of-law is actually protecting those unalienable, or inalienable, rights.  There are too many government agents that do not help a person protect their rights, but actually act to strip or take away an individual's rights.  Basically everyday, everywhere on this mote of dust (Sagan), tyrannical people do that and even far, far worse.  So, any system or process that could reinforce or protect an individual's God-given rights should be taken very seriously, for everyone, of all backgrounds.

The problem that exists is that some of these spcs could believe that they stand on a pedestal higher than some others.  Could they be white supremacists?  Yes, of course it is possible.  I would argue that the spc community is diverse and that there is only a small percentage that would have extremist views, basically a mirror or an exact microcosm of society.  

In the cases of extreme police violence and even death of civilians with police intervention, we need to chart a new course.  Do we need police?  I believe most rational, sane and sober people would answer that question with a yes-but.  Yes, but, how exactly can we have that policing body to protect people and keep the peace, all while retaining the God-given rights that the United States' Constitution so clearly expounds upon? 

We should have peace officers, not police officers, meaning trained personnel to keep the peace, not arrest for every. offense.  possible.  By the way, have you noticed how thick the law, or code, book has become?  Well, Mr. President Biden, this is Presidential material, please review it with your team and help lead the greatest Constitutional Republic ever created.  Pretty please with ice cream, baseball, Chevrolet and apple pie, sir.  Eighty-one million people just cannot be wrong, you know.

Have you ever investigated the percentage of innocent people that are thrown in jail?  Even if it is only one person per year, that is way too many.  Can you imagine being sentenced to, basically, one of the worst places in the world, and you are innocent?  My God, I just cannot imagine the horror.  District Attorneys know exactly the percentage of innocent people that they work to lock up, but do you think that it deters them from prosecuting?  Obviously, the answer is no. Mr. President, this would be another excellent issue to take on immediately.

There is no shortage of tyrannical people that actually want to be in a power position.  How sad and I believe it is all the proof that I need to believe that people are brainwashed.  I cannot fathom having a job where your work could be wrong and a child, husband, daughter or mother could be taken from their family and incarcerated.  Could you actually live with yourself?  I do not think I could.   That is what I believe, but everyone involved, should be working on taking the percentage of innocent offenders and making that number 0%.  Corrupt people that work in the system, please just give up that behavior and seriously work to protect the human rights of all people.  

I can see how the jobs of local government, especially court related can be tough.  Look, violent offenders and pedophiles need to be locked up, or even worse, for a very long time.  Prosecute them to the fullest extent possible every single day, so I believe the judicial system is extremely important, I just want the corruption gone from every level of government.  And that would mean immediately, as in yesterday, or better yet, why did corruption even become a thing in government?  Take the oath seriously, take your pay happily and do your job as truthfully and honestly as you can, while you serve, We the People.  It does not sound too difficult.

Furthermore, where are the American pastors on this topic?  Why do they work in unison to teach the live-your-best-life stuff, but not begin to work on serious problems like that over-reach of the corrupt police and judicial system!  Every single person should be vigilant and work together to eradicate corruption.  The ultimate truth though, is that the people that really stand up and voice their opinion regarding freedom, usually end up dead or in jail.  To the world, by death they have lost, but to God and the unseen spiritual world, they are royalty.  ThreeElectric. Little. Ladyland. Birds.  

By the way, do not paint me in the Republican camp either.  The truth is that I do not believe either political party consistently stands up for, and by, We the People.  Any Christian right now is pleading with God to help us with solutions and most people I know do not think any one man or woman has the answers.  The dishonest nature of the media definitely bothers me and the media's lies seem to be more prevalent than less prevalent.  Why did the the media need to get Trump out so bad? 

I have no idea, but Joe Biden is not the answer and now the world is paying, literally and figuratively, for him being President.  People all over the world need to trust Jesus Christ, as no man will be able to help us out of this mess.  People have trouble trusting and having faith in the unseen, but followers of Christ have the eyes to see how faith will manifest in great things done in the name of Jesus.  Another way to say it is that miracles can, do, and will happen when we have true faith.  Not faith in any kind of currency or faith in employment, but true faith that our Creator will provide on every level.

Is President Trump guilty of these various accusations like racism, homophobia, xenophobia, etc?  Obviously, I do not know President Trump, but how do you explain his pretty solid support from the minority population?  That is one way he shockingly beat Clinton, by increasing the minority vote for the Republican party and that means that those voters abandoned the Democrat party.  So, now the ruling class is letting the border wide open to bring in (buy) the votes that the Democrats said that they received.  And, amazingly, in a pandemic no less, essentially putting the American public at risk during a health crisis.  

That open border allows for criminals in China to send fentanyl to be brought into the USA via criminals in Mexico.  Also, human traffickers thrive on being able to cross the border into the United States' to bring enslaved women and children to be slaves as sex workers.  An open border is very costly to the US in ways far greater than just money and our country just gets weaker and weaker.  Look, big picture, I believe this is a spiritual battle, a big picture battle of good vs. evil.  Not long ago, in a galaxy far, far away...actually, right here, right now.  Truthfully though, I am not sure we are being allowed to see the full picture because people, places, and events may not be as they appear.

We really need God to have mercy and grace upon everyone because people all over the world are not in the best shape.  The world is bursting with fiat-enabled debt and now with hyperinflation, I really do not think any one person can fix things, we need grace and blessings from above to begin to love our neighbors as ourselves and healing, in time, will happen. The Beatles' said it, all we need is love.

Love will turn into helping everyone no matter the tone of their skin, there is no better example of diversity than the organic diversity of We the People.  I love how the framers' organized their thoughts because We the People hold a lofty status, but at the same time, We hold equal status with every-single-one-else of We the People.  That is monumental stuff and I am honored and humbled to count myself as one of We the People and stand equally with anyone else that holds that same belief in their heart, no matter what he or she looks like.

We can certainly take the lead from President Biden and if he says that white supremacy is a big issue, well we need to devote time and attention do it.  There are plenty of ways to show respect to everyone and it is not super difficult to do.  The simplest thing, like opening a door for someone can show respect to another individual.  I know I am disheartened almost daily by the lack of common courtesy that is evident in Americans.  It is just the truth, but a simple please or thank you and thinking of others first is the way to go.

We the People is diverse and inclusive for everyone that qualifies by our Creator, there are no exclusions, except death.  By the way, do the research on how many African American babies are aborted versus others.  Google will not recognize the phrase African American babies + abortion.  How can so many Americans, and people worldwide, be misled by such a horrible thing?  I just cannot, on principle alone, vote for anyone that is pro-abortion based on the fact that abortion disproportionately affects the African American community.  Planned Parenthood's "Black Organizing Program" targets the population that already has the highest abortion rate.  That is just beyond racist!  How does President Biden think that white supremacy is the biggest problem, but yet at the same time is okay with euthanizing so many African American babies?  Why do we not reverse course and see if this adds up, life + jobs + benevolence + freedom = better life for everyone? 

I look up to truth speakers like Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his life is worth investigating.  Many times I think of him and what he might be saying if he was alive today.  Bonhoeffer was a Christian who recognized, stood up and spoke up about Hitler and his evil group.  Bonhoeffer was part of a group of people that tried to assassinate Hitler.  The assassination attempt was unsuccessful and Bonhoeffer was put to death as a result, but I think he holds such a great place in eternity as he stood up for others in the name of Jesus Christ and died in the process.  What a glorious eternity for him, as he defended persecuted people in the name of Jesus Christ.

There is no place in this world for Nazis and white extremists.  Really, it is the extremes on both sides that would do us much help by just evaporating.  God, please help us eliminate the hate from everyone including the government agents that hold leadership positions in the executive, judicial and legislative positions!  This world needs more Dietrich Bonhoeffers and truth-tellers in general that are unafraid of the consequences associated with standing up for right and just things. The Apostle Paul, directed by the Holy Spirit, wrote in Romans 12:21, "Do not be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good."  Well my diverse male and female friends, It. Just. Does. Not. Get. Any. Better. Than. That!

To wrap this all up, I am of the opinion that many people in the US have gone through the spc process and is a diverse population.  President Biden and his Justice Department have labeled them as white supremacists and domestic terrorists.  What about the SPCs of diverse backgrounds?  Mr. President, are African-American SPCs white supremacists?  Are Asian SPCs white supremacists?  No, they are of the opinion that their human rights are being encroached upon and want to do something about it.  The oligarchs do not want us to be free, but average, everyday Kings and Queens, or We the People, are doing want We can to make freedom a reality.  Can We the People create our own reality and make things happen on a personal level?  Join the diverse club intent on making it happen for our children and everyone's tomorrows.

Like so many problems in our world today, if we just respect each other and work together, we can and will overcome.  I am really thankful because I have not felt like I do now in many, many years.  I wish I could explain what the difference is, but I really feel like I have not been myself or a long time and now I am back to the way I was years and years ago.  The difference is astonishing and I just thank the Lord God Almighty for grace, clarity, peace and focus like I have not had in a very long time.  

Here is the main thing, I am still breathing.  I really do not deserve it.  I have practically had an aberration in life and it is almost like I have lived a different life for approximately fifteen years, but that baggage has been left at the terminal, just going round and round.  Jesus has helped me let it go.  I have already lived eleven years longer than Bonhoeffer, but I feel like my mouth and fingers have to catch up.  So, bottom line, satan and all you evil, tail-tucked-between-your-legs, cowardly demons, by God, through Jesus, with the Holy Spirit, game on.  I.  Still.  Have.  A.  Pulse.  






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