A few possible reasons why the sacred cryptomundo in these last days
A few possible reasons why the sacred cryptomundo in these last days

By @jesstop | JessOffside | 17 Feb 2020

bloody monday

Several days ago, the cryptos were going strong in bullish terrain, positive numbers were seen for most cryptocurrencies with glorious voices that expected bold predictions. There was the bitcoin and all the other crypto leading the charge. but this Monday, however,We return to a market with red numbers which has been recovering during the daylight hours.

How criptomonedaseico I report early today, the weekend this happened was wild. The capitalization of the encryption market threw more than $ 15 billion in 24 hours, going below the $ 300 billion level that was so enthusiastic a few days ago.


Binance performance issues.


Starting last weekend there was a problem of delay that caused widespread fear for cryptocurrency merchants.

It happened that the operations were executed without being placed, the prices were not exact, the altcoins as usual fell when the bitcoin low, all very chaotic for those hours. Binance changpeng Zhao ceo declared that a report on the matter was being produced and thanked his clients for the support. Of course, that was met with a mix of responses,
A coefficient comment that lost funds and orders, which shows that it was more serious than a performance problem.


2.The Fulcrum Hacking


ver the weekend, TradingView's main cryptocurrency trader, Jacob Canfield, reported that someone had hacked the Fulcrum exchange and managed to steal $ 360,000 at ETH.

A timely hacker was able to hack ETH almost instantly.
Canfield seemed to believe that the most likely act was a manipulative act, but could have contributed to the broader collapse of the encryption market.
Since the traditional media whenever something like this happens tries to leave the blockchain system underneath, but with great joy and faith the market recovers from these catastrophes which affect any bank entity in any way, governments want to do more emphasis on cryptocurrencies always the same with tradiocnales economic systems


well and in addition to these factors there are many more that influenced the fall in the price this weekend that happened, which is gradually replenished, there are many more things to say but not to make it so long I will leave it for a next Article.
I hope you like it and give me your support is free thanks for the attention given I would love to see your criticisms in the comments no matter what type, I just thank you for the greatest respect, not for me but for the other people who can read it


i am satoshi XD lol


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