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By Jesyan | Jessica | 3 Jul 2020

This is a serious information that am about to pass along to community, especially to the new users. Don't play with your wallet, it's your bank and you need to integrate it now to save yourself from loosing it unexpectedly.

When i read @Telesfor article on how to integrate your wallet with as seen here

I never thought it could be that very necessary nor is it a big deal, though i did it with my former account wallet @Fexodine1. But now i see why we all need to integrate our wallet into wallet. also have the warning attached to wallet id page during registration, though i never knew it was there.


Why you need to integrate your wallet with wallet

The points given here are based on my personal experience from losing my former account @Fexodine1 due to negligence. And i hope you don't experience that as well.


* Integrate your wallet with wallet to see your money in real time.

As soon as your wallets are integrated, any payment paid to your wallet will also be reflected on your wallet. What this means is that your money has already come home, and you will not need to make withdrawal again anytime from wallet.


* Integrate your wallet with wallet to avoid losing your money during withdrawal

so many people has lost money during withdrawal from crypto wallets, either for failure to input the amount in the proper order or for sending it to the wrong wallet. Having your wallet integrated with wallet makes your money double secured. The process of integration helps you to understand how to use Bitcoin cash wallet, so sending your money will never go the wrong way. You can easily recieve and send your money from here for exchange.


* Integrate your wallet with wallet to access your wallet even when you lose your account

This could be funny, thinking of how possible can one lose an account. When registering on, providing email address is optional and without any clear warning for not providing it. With just your username and password you are good to go. The funny aspect of this is that you don't have to log out, any day you log out is the last you can access your account. Why this is so is that when you want to log in again you are required to provide your email, and since you never submitted one nor verified any the system will not recognize your credentials. Your account is locked forever with your money.

When you have your wallet integrated with wallet, in the above case you can still access your funds in your wallet from wallet.

In my case, i was having some good amount of money in my wallet when i lost access to my account. With wallet i was able to withdraw the money and still recieved my unpaid earnings for that day.

More so, i can still continue to receive any payment made to my older wallet from my wallet whenever any payment is sent there from my affiliate.

Above all keep your wallet seed words in safe by writing it down on a paper. Whenever for any reason you change your device, you can always download a Bitcoin cash wallet and restore your wallet with your seed words.

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You may lose your account but with wallet you will never lose your wallet. Integrate now.


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