Kalamansi or Philippine lime is provide a good health

By Jesyan | Jessica | 8 Jul 2020

Good morning everyone,

Thank you lord and we awaken you and explore your beautiful world.


Yuhoooo, on a nice morning, my husband is already picking up the fruits of our kalamansi.


Someone likes to buy the fruits of the lime. So he awoke early to climb it.



Thanks to our dear God and we have been blessed with this plant.

For those who want to buy it for you it's cheap

It is good to plant these fruits, it can cure cough and cold when it blends.


The lime or Philipine Lime also known as calamondin or Citrofortunella is a very important citrus fruit grown in the Philippines, famous for its juice and its many uses.


Its leaves have a strong fresh smell and the seeds when bitten are bitter.


The Philippines is the only major exporter of Safety and is exported to various countries including Korea, Japan and the United States. This is because of the many health benefits of disaster known worldwide.


Kalamansi has many uses, from making a sauce to cooking a delicious dish, this fruit really does not go out on the dining table.


Beauty and health products also adapt to Kalamansi because of its potential effective benefits.


Kalamansi is like a smaller version of orange or orange, it is green in color which turns yellow when it becomes ripe.


The Kalamansi has a sour taste and you are almost indulgent but the Kalamansi still prevails in the Filipino heart and taste.


Citrus fruits like citrus contain many vitamins especially Vitamin C, it has anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant benefits but moreover, you should be aware of the many health benefits of citrus fruits.


We gather information for you and how you can use lime to better benefit your diet and health;


How to plant lime?


You can easily grow the litter in your area and these are the right steps and procedures you should follow:


  • Soak dried seeds overnight.
  • Wet the soil slightly.
  • Plant the seeds in half an inch.
  • Cover it with a plastic bag.
  • Let the seeds grow in a warm place with a bit of sunshine for a few weeks.
  • Keep the soil moist.
  • Remove the cover and do not change the area until the plant is strong.

The Citrus Plant or tree can bear fruit all year round, Filipinos always want to have a yard in their yard because it is nutritious and easy to care for.


Health Benefits of Safety:


Low stroke risk - According to a US study, eating citrus fruits like lime, orange and grapefruit lowers the risk of ischemic stroke for women. Men or women who ate too much citrus had a 19% lower risk of ischemic stroke than those who did not eat too much citrus.


Blood Pressure - Sodium should be avoided to maintain normal blood pressure levels and thanks to the high potassium content of citrus which is very important because of its vasodilation benefits. According to the study, high consumption of potassium in english improves your protection against perinatal disease.


Reduces the risk of cancer- Cancer caused by free radicals can be eliminated by consuming vitamin C, a vitamin that has a lot of vitamins and has strong antioxidants. According to a study on vitamin C from citrus can defeat colorectal cancer cells, but too much Vitamin C is required to do so.


Good for Hearts - Vitamins support Heart Health due to fiber, potassium, vitamin C and choline which are beneficial for heart or cardiovascular health.


Diabetes - Vitamins are rich in fiber and according to studies high fiber diet lowers blood sugar and lowers blood sugar, lipids and insulin in people with diabetes.


Improves immunity - Vitamin C is the most popular immune system booster you can ever consume, thanks to a vitamin-rich natural vitamin that helps improve immunity against various diseases.


In the Philippines, you can buy a bargain at 60 pesos, a very cheap price or you can get it for free if you want to be practical.


If you want to have a free litter, you must have a plant or tree or you can ask your neighborhood if they have one, below we will teach you how to plant a lizard

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