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Expected abilities and behaviors during adolescence or adolescences


Mother: is it true that the crush is there Oh boy you're so young for that ...

* your child to intervene in the home decisions.

* Son, I hope you understand that we can often restrict you to your own good ...

* You are a girl that your room should be in disarray


Are these words familiar to you? Perhaps you are saying to yourself now, "I think I've heard that". Are you confused? Such is the life of an adolescent or adolescent.

The stage of adolescence or adolescence is the stage of confusion, not only for you but for the adults around you. They may not even know how to treat you. Are you young or old?

I know that you are experiencing so much change in yourself at this stage of your life, in your body, in your feelings, and in your dealings with others. I know that it is clear to you that you have to deal with so many changes. It is important that you overcome any challenge these changes pose. They say, "Oh my must be mature". A lot to look forward to.

You feel like everyone is waiting for the things you do, the words you say and the decisions you make. So the more prepared you are, the more careful you become and the more you think about the things around you. They say, "That's how life is."

No matter how challenging you are, you have to deal with them. You need to be prepared and have the knowledge that will help you to be steadfast as you face the challenges of adolescence.

It is important for you to understand that each person has developmental tasks and tasks at each stage of life that are to be met or fulfilled. They need to cultivate his talents and abilities and achieve community well-being. It is important to recognize these expected capabilities and behaviors especially in the early stages of adolescence.

There are three important goals for developmental tasks and developmental tasks at each stage of human development.

first, they serve as a guide to what society expects at every stage of life. It is important to understand them to acquire the skills that are appropriate to them. It is important to do this under the guidance of parents and teachers

-the second, they serve as motivation or motivation for the young man or girl to do what society expects of him.

Third, the ability to adapt to new situations is limited; thus avoiding stress or embarrassing reactions as he or she can prepare to deal with them. For example, a child observing the way a teenager or girl treats the opposite sex can easily adjust to his or her opposite sex and can easily adjust himself when he or she arrives at this stage

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