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Ripple (XRP) Review

- Thinking about all the lower-priced top 100 coins, .80$ and below, Ripple stands out as one of the coins with the most potential for rapid growth. It’s ranked in the top ten, grows in moderation, and has a great MC and CIC count.

Sure there are a number coins in the top 100 with good potential for future value, but how many have moved beyond talk and have walked the walk?

I’ll wait for that answer…

Ripple's team has done just that.

XRP has a true business agenda that seems to be accomplishing more than just sitting and chasing it’s tail.

I mean, let's be honest, how many coins close to the same rank and price of XRP have signed multi-million dollar deals?

How many can do more than just tell you their market cap and pay a high monthly bill for marketing?

Good questions, huh?


Lots of coins talk about their plans and the possible uses of their coin or token, but only a very small percentage actually accomplish those meaningful tasks they write down as a description on CMC for their coin.

Talk is cheap in the crypto world and any project can have writers and YouTubers pushing an empty agenda, pumping up the sales and the promise of a great return.

Ripple has moved on from being just another coin.

I tend to look at the direction of a coin’s agenda. Is it all talk or are they actually trying to get things accomplished?

I can name a handful of coins that tell you they have all these abilities and solutions, but… What have they actually done?

Ripple will continue to move forward and chase the spots ahead of it in rank, eventually it should break that barrier its been sitting in for so long and inch up that ladder where it can prove its business plans are going to pay off.

It’s closest ranked competitors have plenty of time to catch up and grow, only XRP has actually closed a deal worth millions. MoneyGram will make XRP a very fluid growth-oriented coin and help push it up at a natural use pace.

No pump and dump with XRP. Just good management and business planning. Other coins should take a look at what Ripple has done and has accomplished.

It’s one thing to push what you want people to hear and pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising and paid for commentary, reviews and hype, but it’s another thing altogether to be like Ripple.

A wise investor knows the difference.


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