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Phone Mining Crypto?
My Top 3 Apps

I’ve been a fan of phone mining ever since I discovered ETN Electroneum. Since then, I’ve tried every phone mining app I can get my hands on.

This is my list of the best phone mining apps I actually use on my smartphone.

Electroneum: I still promote this app, use it and hodl the ETN for a day when it might actually be worth cashing out.

Overall, I enjoy using the Electroneum app.

It won’t eat up your battery and it's pretty simplistic and easy to use. The coin itself is actually exchangeable on Kucoin and other exchange sites but it does take a lot to earn anything substantial.

The app itself is pretty sleek and has a built in wallet. Making this phone cloud mining app a really good place to start when you want to try out something different with crypto. Definitely worth checking out.


Phoneum: Still seems to be a work in progress, but as it stands, they continue to improve on the app.

The latest improvement being an upgrade to the rate of earning. What used to take months now takes about a week to accumulate enough to withdraw.

Not easy to exchange and equally harder to find a wallet to store Phoneum, the idea though behind this app is pretty cool.

While PHM has collectibles and a game associated with the coin, it has a long road ahead to become a valuable coin. Never the less, I have it taking up space on my phone and actually enjoy keeping up with it.

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Pi Phone Miner: Pi is a pretty cool and new digital currency phone mining app, developed by a group of Stanford PhDs who seem to have a really smart idea.

I actually signed up a few days ago and I like it. There is a social side to it, which is really pretty smart. It gives phone mining a new angle and allows for a more complete experience.

The app is pretty sleek but needs some tweaks and polishing. Nothing new when it comes to Beta Releases, so I’m down with that. A built in wallet and it keeps you updated on your earnings.

Earning is pretty swift. Plenty to do, some bounty orientated stuff but you can easily just start it and forget it, if you rather stay solitary.

You can join the beta startup to earn Pi and help grow the network and community. If you would like to join, follow this link.

https://minepi.com/PiOffer2 and use my username (PiOffer2) as your invitation code.

Also join their discord to earn even more in giveaways and invite bounties.


I hope you enjoyed my list.

I know there are more phone crypto earning apps, like Coin, and others, but these are the three I use the most and see plenty of potential behind them becoming something great in the future.

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