CLS Coldstack Deep Dive - What is Coldstack (CLS)?

Get to Know ColdStack: A Beast of a Project in Cloud Storage 


CLS's Mission:
ColdStack is on a mission to simplify Web3 cloud storage, empowering individuals and organizations to reclaim control over their data from centralized tech giants. By championing decentralized storage solutions like Filecoin, Arweave, and Storj, ColdStack aims to provide a faster, simpler, and more affordable alternative within and beyond the crypto space.

Decentralized Cloud Aggregator:
ColdStack positions itself as the world's first Decentralized Cloud Aggregator, seamlessly combining the strengths of various Decentralized Data Storages. This includes Filecoin, Arweave, and Storj, offering users a unified platform to harness the power of decentralized clouds.

AI-Optimized Storage Solutions:
Leveraging an AI-based pipeline, ColdStack optimizes storage solutions, ensuring users benefit from the most cost-efficient and secure file storage. The approach is transparent, immutable, and cryptographically verifiable, providing a robust foundation for decentralized storage.

ColdStack Token ($CLS):

At the heart of ColdStack's ecosystem is the 50M Max supply $CLS token, enabling decentralized storage transactions and governance. $CLS empowers users to interact with the platform free from concerns about censorship or interference. Accessible on Ethereum, $CLS opens the door to decentralized storage for users worldwide.


Background and Expertise:
The ColdStack team, with prior experience at Prometeus Labs, brings a wealth of knowledge from developing blockchain-based projects that heavily relied on decentralized storage. Recognizing common challenges in the Decentralized Data Storage Networks, the team founded ColdStack to unite the diverse elements of the ecosystem, offering a comprehensive Web3 cloud solution as a compelling alternative to centralized behemoths like Amazon.

  • Key People:
  • Zied Chaabane (COO): With an EMBA in project management and a finance background, Zied brings over 5 years of experience with crypto projects to the table.
  • Max Scale (Head of Tech): A seasoned backend developer with 7+ years of experience, Max led system architecture in Stoa and Ignite.
  • Justin Silver (Head of Communications): A digital marketing and PR strategist with 5+ years of experience, Justin coordinates effective communication strategies.
  • Edgar Pogosyan (Team Lead): Edgar, a full-stack developer, contributes 4+ years of experience in software engineering and system robustness.
  • Iva Wisher (PR Advisor): As the CMO at Prometeus Labs, Iva brings 5+ years of experience in fintech, banking, and crypto investing.
  • Vladislavs Semjonovs (IR Advisor): With a background in business development and crypto investing, Vladislavs contributes over 7 years of experience.

More CLS Features:

ColdStack emerges as a formidable player in the Web3 cloud storage arena, offering a user-friendly, reliable, and affordable alternative to centralized storage providers. With its decentralized cloud aggregation and AI-driven optimization, ColdStack appears poised to revolutionize how we perceive and utilize cloud storage in the decentralized era of today.

When big business goes hunting for better opportunities in cloud storage, and starts searching for the best deal, the best speed, security, and value. They'll find CLS to be on top of that list. The reason is simple, you can't beat what they offer.

More Features:

1. GameFi Revolution: ColdStack enables the storage of in-game NFTs and hosts complete game servers, revolutionizing gaming experiences. It eliminates centralized vulnerabilities, ensuring security and affordability in perpetuity. Say goodbye to loading screens with decentralized hosting.

2. Metaverse Mastery: Tailor-made for the expanding metaverse, ColdStack is forward thinking and integrates NFTs seamlessly. The AI-driven platform ensures cost-effective maintenance, offering an immersive metaverse experience with enhanced retrieval speeds.

3. DeFi Dominance: ColdStack looks to become the premier solution for DeFi protocols, providing regulatory compliance, sovereignty, and global accessibility. Its AI-driven approach takes the guesswork out of storage solutions, allowing platforms to focus on profitability.

4. Media & Art Advancement: Empowering media companies, content creators, and NFT projects, ColdStack offers efficient data storage with faster retrieval speeds than centralized alternatives. It ensures NFT native hosting, simplifying the transition from traditional art to NFT creation.

Closing Thoughts:

As we conclude our exploration of ColdStack (CLS), it becomes evident that this project is not just a player in the Web3 cloud storage arena; it's a visionary force reshaping the future of decentralized data solutions. With exclusive access to only 50,000,000 CLS tokens, ColdStack presents an extremely unique opportunity.

Explore the potential of ColdStack (CLS): ColdStack Official Website

Join the conversation and stay updated on developments: ColdStack Twitter

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