The Basic Attention Token Ecosystem Reaches Nearly 645,000 Unique Addresses
The Basic Attention Token Ecosystem Reaches Nearly 645,000 Unique Addresses

By JP Buntinx | JdeCrypto | 18 Feb 2020

It is crucial for every crypto asset to keep growing and evolving. Basic Attention Token has a unique model, which explains why so many BAT addresses exist today. 

Basic Attention Token Growth

Most people are familiar with Basic Attention Token through the Brave browser. The Publish0x platform is also a great way to get introduced to this new token. It is a reward for users who browse the internet on an active basis. 


Engaging in such a business model is no guarantee for success. In fact, it can easily backfire when left unchecked. So far, it seems as if Basic Attention Token continues to gain major traction. Over 643,900 addresses have been generated to support this asset so far.

One has to keep in mind that every Ethereum address can receive ERC-20 tokens these days.  As such, the need to generate a separate BAT address is not necessarily apparent. Anyone using the Brave browser or Publish0x will have a wallet set up for them. That helps contribute to the overall growth.

Active BAT Address Statistics

With the influx of new addresses, one has to wonder about network activity. For BAT, the number of active addresses fluctuates. This is normal, as all crypto assets show very similar charts. The overall numbers may look different, but the momentum is identical.


What is remarkable is how the number of active BAT addresses remains above 1,000 since late December 2019. That seems to indicate how more people actively use Basic Attention Token these days. One has to keep in mind that these statistics also include exchange addresses. As long as a successful transaction is recorded, the address will be included. 

There has also been a peak in active BAT addresses recently. On February 12, 5,349 addresses were recorded. This level has not been reached since early November of 2019. All of these statistics point at  a bright future for Basic Attention Token.


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