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Crypto Sense: Earn free crypto

By Jcvols | Jcvols | 9 Jan 2022

Today I want to talk about an app I have recently discovered in the Play Store.   Crypto Sense.  It's a free download (176mb) that enables you to earn free crypto with minimal effort.  Admittedly, it is a small amount, you won't get rich from it.  For 30 minutes worth of time I earned $0.02.  1 hour a day for the year would net you around $14, not much, but free is free   The beauty in it is that it requires minimal effort to achieve the required 1000 Sense needed for a payout.  You can choose from a variety of different crypto coins, I chose Shiba Inu.  Once you've reached the payout requirement and submit for a payout, the process is relatively quick and simple and I can attest that the app does indeed send you crypto.  Payout is sent to you via Coinbase, you can get a Coinbase account here:  Coinbase

The games available in Crypto Sense are basic, and before you play them you must watch a quick advertisement, which is where the funds for this game come from.  You have Flip Sense, where you flip cards to match 2 coins together, progressively getting harder as you go.  Sliding Sense, where you maneuver tiles around to create a single image.  Calculus Fest, which is new, where you quickly try to answer various math questions.  All are timed and the amount of Sense received from each game is predicated on how well you do.  I find that, while occasionally fun for a few rounds, these games get a little tedious. Then there is Lucky Sense, my go to for this app.  Lucky Sense is a simple click slot machine that awards various amounts of Sense, from 15 to 225.  I find that I can run Lucky Sense without taking my attention away from other things, such as watching tv or playing video games.

All in all, I would recommend Crypto Sense to anyone looking for options to earn free crypto.  It's free, minimal impact on your phone's storage, and best of all, it delivers crypto to your Coinbase account as promised.  If you decide to try it, I'd appreciate it if you used the referral code: kjUIsAH2

Downoad Crypto Sense here:  Crypto Sense

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