$MATIC’s Overnight Rally

By JCRoemer | JCR's Crypto Musings | 26 Apr 2021

So I picked up 280 MATIC tokens at .35 with a target of .50. Polygon MATIC took out .50 before I could open my eyes this morning. The rally comes on the news that MATIC has a Level-2 solution emerging at a time where Level 1 solutions are just catching on. This seems like huge news for Polygon. Does it justify increasing the target? Is the 40% gain (its given back about 10% already this morning as New York opens) just an alt-season illusion or is $1.00 now a legitimate price target for $MATIC? 

In a portfolio dominated by interoperability tokens, the Polygon token stands out this morning, quadrupling overall average market gains overnight. I am very interested to learn your take on this exciting breaking news and subsequent price rally.

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JCR's Crypto Musings
JCR's Crypto Musings

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