Maid Cafes, Manga Cafes and a lot more. Japan is a kingdom of cafes!

Maid Cafes, Manga Cafes and a lot more. Japan is a kingdom of cafes!

By Japan | Japan | 29 Jun 2019

Japanese cafes don’t just serves beverages but many of them offer a wide range of special themes and extra features. The most popular are maid cafes where customers are served their food and drink by women dressed in maid outfits, but this is only one example. There is much more, often suprising, cafe’s styles and themes.


First japanese cafe opened in 1888, and currently there are 18 000 cafes. Japan is fourth largest consumer of coffee and drinks more coffee than Italy or France. But why cafes in Japan are so popular and so much different than cafes in other countries? Many japanese homes are really small, so for Japanese cafes are places with plenty of space. They provide various ways to relax and enjoy yourself more easily than you might be able to at home. Many cafes offers a morning set, which is breakfast at a bargain price, perfect for people who are too busy in the morning to eat at home. They also offer newspapers and magazines to read free of charge, power outlets near the tables or wireless Internet. Customers can study, work or just relax.

In manga cafe there are tens of thousands of comic books. With a limited space of a typical japanese home manga fans find it difficult to store the large collections of their own. Manga cafes are a kind of library, in some places you can even draw your own manga. They have fully equipped desks with professional grade tools and computers outfitted with manga creations software. Many of manga cafes are open 24-hours a day and have free of charge vending machines with drinks and snacks, coffee machines, and even soft ice-cream machines. Typically they have personal booths, in which are: small bed, computer and television, and some people treat manga cafe like a hotel, because there is even a shower room. They are also a lot cheaper than real hotels.


In maid cafe waitresses in maid outfits treats customers like lords of the manor. They are creating a fantasy of wealth and privilage. The waitresses perform various routins to delight and entertain customers. Made cafes were invented in Akihabara but they spread across Japan. They are very interactive, you will be singing song, wearing pink rabbit ears and speak the spells.

This song is from the most popular maid cafe chain. You can hear it everywhere in Akihabara:

Another very popular cafes are cat cafes which offer the chance to play with and spend time with cats. It’s a great opportunity for cat lovers who cant’t have a cat of their own. If you are animals lover, there are also owls cafes, hedgehogs and rabbits cafes.


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