By MR.J | Janrey | 2 Sep 2020



I'm here, bathing alone under a streetlight

Waiting for someone to come and get me

But all I can see is an abyss of darkness

So quiet, so humid, so endless.


As the stream of light touches my skin

I listen to the sound of silence, breathin

Wondering if someone would come and find me

In this place with no such thing as entity.


My retinas seems to be bathed for too long

So I tried to close them in the meantime

I felt unconscious until I realize

Someone passed by, leaving a trail behind

I tried to look for a chariot as hard as I could

But I cannot find anything, so I decided to walk.

I've consumed many steps until I realize the thing

That I got lost, and the streetlight i'm bathing


I began to shiver and start to be anxious

Scared and loathing, alone in the middle of the road

I cannot find my way back to the streetlight

Where I can be at the ease, and far away from fright


ran around in circles, but I only reach emptiness

I started to collapse as I catch my breath

With all of my remaining vigor, I shouted

Please Save me Inside this abyss of darkness.

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