By MR.J | Janrey | 23 Aug 2020


I'm sare once upon a time we had a whole book filled with empty pager waiting for us to write our happily ever after

but now we have our own books. half finished, ralf written and we're just faded


at the bottom of a page in each other's works scratched over by fate torn apart by the choices we chose to make when we should've chosen each other

we would've slammed the books shut and ran off the edge of our stories to meet at just one word but there's a whole library of reasons why we shouldn't between w

and we hope that at the end of our books, right before it sinks the end we could rip off the pages and fold paper planner to find each other again

but for now, we write our tales, words apart, holding the hands of those who we began with and wrote the end to us before we even had a chance to start

Sam ramblings of wishful thinker

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I was a former journalist


I was a former journalist in our school and I love writing

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