Seven Things I Hate About You (POEM)

Seven Things I Hate About You

By MR.J | Janrey | 23 Aug 2020

Seven Things I Hate About You

Number 1:

I hate how you wake up every morning the promises in your bones aching I hate the way you drag yourself out of bed,

like it's a grave and you're the dead How the bitter coffee burns your throat, but you don't care, you keep drinking better than feeling nothing,


Because the pain is

better than the numbness in your head

Number 2:

I hate how you try, how you fail, but you never stop, you just keep trying

Though you know the feeling of disappointment all too well like it's the back of your hand Try, Fail, Cry, Try, Fail, Cry, the cycle never stops,

but so do you, you keep going Because you know that when you fall down the only way to get back up is to stand

Number 3:

I hate how you wear a smile like it's a trend and not a sign of your humanity It never felt right, like the dress that never fit

but you wear anyway;

it looked nice on the mannequin You never really had a sense of style,

just the crippling sense of emptiness and uncertainty So you just took what fitted and what didn't and everything else in between

Number 4:

I hate how you can lie through your teeth without blinking or hesitating Because you've learned that the best way to

survive is not to let anyone inside You say things you don't mean like it's okay, I'm fine, things are good, I'm not hurting All the while in your head screaming silently please

come back, I'm not fine, I'm breaking, I lied" Covering the lines on your skin drawn by stress and the cracks on your lips anxiety left behind Sometimes you trace the maps they made on

Number 5:

I hate how you put powder on your face and smear lip gloss on your lips

your face slowly, gently with your fingertips Wandering, exploring a place so familiar yet foreign, seeing everything yet feeling so blind

Number 6:

dance on the edge of I hate how you a knife and sing the music of a life faraway You burn your bridges as you cross them while looking for silver linings on a cloudless sky I hate how you watch yourself bleed dry and how hard you try to make yourself play The part of the noble hero born to fly when

you're a revolutionary destined to die

Number 7:

I hate how you stare back at me when I get the courage to try to look at you

With your eyes always looking empty and lonely and haunted and dead, rid of any expression But the thing that I hate most about you is the thing that for the rest of your life, you'll always do And that is stand and mock me on the other

side of the mirror, forever my reflection, breathing imperfection

--self-hate induced writing extravaganza

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