iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro first impressions

By JankoRistic | jankoristic | 15 Sep 2019



                                                           Iphone 11                                          

First of all, this is not big upgrade from last generation Apple phones.

The thing that is interesting is the price. Apple this year made price a little bit more affordable and made the little trick, but all in all made phone less expensive. The design of iPhone 11 is identical to the last generation except for camera, the whole Apple presentation was focused on the new camera.

  • Camera

On iPhone 11 you will get 2 cameras and the second camera is not telephoto camera (camera for zoom only), its 12MP ultra-wide camera.

  • Performance

Also, there is a new chip.A13 Bionic chip is 20% faster than the competition, and GPU chip is 40% faster than the competition.

  • Price

The most interesting thing about iPhone 11 is price. Price of iPhone 11 will be $699.This is really good price point because most flagship phones are in that price range for example One Plus 7 MSRP is $640, but most important thing about price is that they beat Samsung easily with this move 

  • iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

iPhone 11 Pro will have a lot more features and improvements then iPhone 11, there are 3 cameras (3x12MP),that is big upgrade from iPhone 11.The price of iPhone 11 Pro will be $999.There is also ''better version'' of iPhone 11 Pro its called iPhone 11 Pro Max.

  • Extras

Apple will give free 1 year of Apple TV for new iPhone, Ipad, etc.buyers.Apple will launch their TV service, its similar to Netflix, but cheaper, the service of Apple TV will cost $5 per month, that is half price of Netflix.


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