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How much is a Bitcoin worth?

By Jandmade | Jandmade | 23 Jul 2020

One of the most recurring topics when talking about cryptocurrencies is the value of Bitcoin, some of the analyzes predict that it will exceed 100K $ in the coming years.

But if one of the objectives of cryptocurrencies is to replace Fiat money, when this happens, what will be the value of a Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies? What will be the value system to establish logical prices?

Currently, when acquiring certain assets with cryptocurrencies, doubts arise about the fluctuation in value, such as: I buy a house for 10 BTC, which currently would be approximately 90K $, the next day if the 10 BTC go up will have sold the house above the value and if the BTC goes down for whatever reason it will have lost money on the sale. A risk in the BTC translation to $ and vice versa.

And when there is no fiat? How many BTC will the house in the previous example be worth?


This doubt that is generated every time I read something about the disappearance of Fiat money or the adoption of cryptocurrencies, gives me cause to believe more in the theories of a future Fiat cryptocurrency, state cryptocurrencies or Central Banks.

A type of cryptocurrencies strongly centralized and that are adopted in an involuntary way by changing our FIAT deposited in banks and state funds for said currencies.

A point where they could decide the value and quantity of the new currency, being able to inflate it as they pleased, which, in a way, could have the power to decide how much a BTC is worth.


..... and for you, how much is a BTC worth?

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I'm a professional illustrator. More than 30 year experience Based in Galicia


I am a professional illustrator with proven experience in different fields of plastic arts, creativity and design. Interested in art in the world of cryptocurrencyies.

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