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By Jandmade | Jandmade | 10 Jun 2020

Pboy (Pascal Boyart) is a French artist who maintains a close relationship with the crypto world.

He has hidden an encrypted treasure in one of his works.

This Parisian artist who paints in oil also makes murals with spray paint which tokenizes them by fragmenting them.

But in his mural based on Delacroix's work "Freedom leading the people" in encrypted form, he hid a bitcoin reward for anyone who was able to decipher the hidden message in the work.

On his murals Pascal painted a Qr code with a stencil to receive donations for his work and this was what made the "hidden treasure" in his mural increase thanks to donations.

The initiative that was picked up by the French media already has a lucky winner who solved the puzzle and collected his reward in Bitcoin.

I recommend the work of this artist who is already incorporating the new possibilities that the crypto world offers for artists.


I'm a professional illustrator. More than 30 year experience Based in Galicia


I am a professional illustrator with proven experience in different fields of plastic arts, creativity and design. Interested in art in the world of cryptocurrencyies.

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