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By Jandmade | Jandmade | 7 Jun 2020

I am amazed at the increasing number of network users engaged in requesting cryptocurrencies from other users.

I find many users on the internet where they act as false commercials showing you the wonders of a platform, how great and beneficial its use is to end up providing you with a link where you will have a prize for registering. In the best case, I will comment on some of the negative things, but it is not usually done.

This paractic can generate some mistrust since it makes one doubt whether the information received is real or they are simply trying to convince us to click.

This mistrust can be counterproductive since new users and investors of cryptocurrencies can backtrack when it comes to joining and trusting in this new world.

I think that it is much better to be an ambassador or commercial of a product in a clear and honest way. Whoever wants to buy acquire a product or services will do so without being deceived

Another example that strikes me is that of users who directly ask you for a donation to their wallet. Alms?
Users who do not offer anything in exchange, do not even offer a concept or an explanation of what the donation will be used for. Let me create doubts about it: do you really need the donation? Are the purposes for which you allocate my donation correct?

Obviously, donating to a cause or participating in a crowfunding seems more accurate to me, as well as talking to a commercial who knows the product before clicking the user bonus.

If this entire system is based on transparency and financial freedom, these types of users do the community and new crypto users a disservice.

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I'm a professional illustrator. More than 30 year experience Based in Galicia


I am a professional illustrator with proven experience in different fields of plastic arts, creativity and design. Interested in art in the world of cryptocurrencyies.

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