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With the persistent improvement of DeFi framework, anybody can furnish clients with decentralized monetary administrations with many lines of code. The Staking prize and Liquidity Staking badge of the PoS chain bring us new application situations. Liquidity Staking token makes "Staking + DeFi" mix conceivable. Nutbox permits non-specialized pioneers to raise assets for the local area with interest and furnish the local area with "Staking + DeFi" administrations

About Nutbox
Nutbox is a discentalized convention, giving Staking Airdrop and decentralized application toolbox, which incorporates DeFi module, local area web journals, local area goverance, etc. Nutbox will assist local area with laying out its "Staking +DeFi"- based local area token economy. With Staking Airdrop, people group project organizer without specialized foundation, can make a mechanizm to distributute local area token by Staking yield cultivating: clients who join Staking Airdrop can get their local area token award as long as they stake their PoS resources through local area interface.

Staking Airdrop
Staking Airdrop is a fresh out of the plastic new symbolic contribution technique. In a customary ICO, the undertaking pioneer convinces financial backers to purchase new token at one time; meanwhile in Staking Airdrop, the financial backers are persuaded by the task organizer to save Staking resources at the coin-offering establishment (like Nutbox) and purchase the new token with Staking rewards.

In contrast to IEO, IDO, and ICO, Staking Airdrop broadens the symbolic issuance cycle, upholds the undertaking party as income, and diminishes the default hazard of task. Staking Airdrop, as a strategy for funding digital currency projects, can likewise tackle a few exemplary issues previously, like absence of responsibility and liquidity, and the flawed value diStaking Airdropvery instrument in the underlying phase of token send off.

In the interim, the local area asset can fund-raise by collecting Staking award from PoS blockchain. With the assistance from Nutbox, Staking Airdrop project pioneer can make a progression of brilliant agreements to send off its Staking Airdrop without coding or conveying validator hubs on the PoS blockchain. The centralized server of Nutbox is a Nutbox blockchain, which depends on Substrate. It will interface with Polkadot and become to one of its parachain.

The brilliant agreements of Nutbox incorporates TokenFactory to give producing local area token capacity, Staking Airdrop to give the Staking yield-mining capacity, Farming to give the liquidity-yieldfarming capacity, DutchAuction to give the Dutch-closeout work , Goverance to give the local area goverance work, DApp launcher. Those modules make it is more straightforward to give Staking Airdrop, DeFi and other application situations by the networks.

Benefit Holder
Staking Airdrop and tToken present Staking reward and Staking Token into the DeFi natural application, which carry more advantages to Staking token holders:
1. Staking reward
2. liquidity pool reward
3. Cultivating reward


Nutbox is likewise making a cross-chain span (Donut convention) among Steem and Polkadot. Doughnut will carry a more extravagant application situation to bunches that issue local area tokens through the Staking Airdrop convention. Through the trinity arrangement of Staking Airdrop, DApp launcher, Donut, DAO Governance, Nutbox will assemble a spic and span DApp biological system to understand the between chain interoperability of networks, tokens, and blockchains to help more individuals

Yield Farming
As well as dispersing cToken through Staking Airdrop, the local area can likewise disseminate cToken to individuals who carry worth to the local area through Yield Farming. Local area clients take part in Yield Farming, carry liquidity to cToken or tToken, and get cToken rewards.

Through the programming interface given by Dex, for example, Sushiswap and Uniswap, Nutbox empowers the local area project group to naturally make CommunitySwap in view of cToken and tToken, and CommunitySwap shares the liquidity pool with Sushiswap or Uniswap. Local area clients can exchange the local area's Dex, give liquidity to exchanging matches, take part in liquidity mining, and can likewise partake locally's Yield Farming and get cToken as remunerations. The people group project group can likewise, as Sushiswap, appropriate 1/6 of the exchange expense to the local area asset to help the improvement of the local area.

The people group project group can likewise begin an advance liquidity motivation like Compound, and boost cToken for local area clients who use Community Lending. As well as opening its own Community Swap and Community Lending, the local area can likewise open Community Staking, where local area clients vow cToken to acquire cToken.

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