DEGO is a brand new idea towards a sustainable Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem

By JaksHitam | jaksone | 10 Sep 2020


As of late, we've seen a blast in decentralized fund (DeFi). The exponential development and FOMO conclusion around DeFi have pulled in numerous new crypto speculators and engineers to space and have animated the enthusiasm of customary money related players. Everybody looks for best venture potential and chases jewels in the DeFi world. The investigation is beneficial, however your assets, time and chances are restricted, and you can never completely get a handle on all venture openings.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is the merger of conventional bank administrations with decentralized advancements, for example, blockchain. DeFi can likewise go under the name Open Finance because of its comprehensive configuration. Significantly, the DeFi people group looks to make options in contrast to each budgetary assistance at present accessible. These administrations incorporate things, for example, reserve funds and financial records, credits, resource exchanging, protection, and substantially more.

Nonetheless, in DEGO, things would be unique. DEGO receives a secluded mix structure idea. Seclusion alludes to the mix of different components of the item to frame a subsystem with explicit capacities. We consolidate this subsystem as a widespread module with different modules to make another framework with various capacities and execution. In short words, every item can be viewed as a module. After a mix of various modules, another item comes out, in this way accomplishing the impact of 1+1>2. LEGO blocks are the best model and motivation for those modules. Each block is plain and normal, however it creates unlimited prospects when assembling.

DEGO equivalents to LEGO in the DeFi world. Each DeFi convention as a block, It could be the stable coin(DAI), streak Loans(Aave, Compound), DEX exchanges(Uniswap and Balancer), subsidiaries( Synthetix), protections (Nexus Mutual). Around these fundamental conventions, we will manufacture another dapp to improve the estimation of the DeFi, make enhanced speculation portfolios and produce significant money related returns for clients, and become the passageway to the eventual fate of budgetary administrations.

The mission the DEGO DAO is to bootstrap the development of the DeFi DAO environment and drive the network toward boosting decentralization.

Yield Farming has as of late been the focal point of intrigue and conversation in the more extensive crypto network, starting another period for DeFi by means of liquidity mining The well known equations of current liquidity mining are :

Daily output per user = daily output of the mining pool * staked amount/total staked amount

In DEGO, we utilized a lot of deterministic calculations for liquidity mining, convert the LP token marked by clients into POWER (like the hashrate of Bitcoin mining), and getting profit through them. Under this model :

Daily output per user = daily output of the mining pool * POWER / total POWER

POWER = staked LP token amount * coefficient of correspondence.

The calculation formula of POWER are :
We divide users into three ranges according to their staked amount :
a. Worst range: users with the most staked amount POWER=1*staked amount
b. Best range: users with the intermediate staked amount POWER=5*staked amount
c. Common range: users with the smallest staked amount POWER=3*staked amount
For example, User A staked 10 LP Tokens and is currently in the common range, then his POWER is 10 * 3 = 30 POWER. The numbers of the initial three ranges are, [10, 10, total number-20]. As the total number of users increases by 100 people, the worst range and the best range increase by 10 slots, up to a maximum of 50 people.

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DEGO Presale was planned on 12 Sept (Exact time TBA)
Presale details :
Total supply : 2,100,000 DEGO
Cap : 750 ETH for No whitelist requirement (1,425,000 DEGO)

The Presale will comprise of 3 rounds with an alternate cost and there is no particular time limit between each round, when the first round is sold out, the second round will begin right away.
Round 1 : 0 ETH - 150 ETH
Price : 1ETH = 2500 DEGO
Maximum : 5 ETH
Round 2 : 151 ETH - 450 ETH
Price : 1ETH = 2000 DEGO
Maximum : 5 ETH
Round 3 : 451 ETH - 750 ETH
Price : 1ETH = 1500 DEGO
Maximum : 5 ETH
2. Cap: 100 ETH for 50 Whitelisted users only (150,000 DEGO)
Price : 1ETH =1500 DEGO
Maximum : 2 ETH
3. Cap : 150 ETH for Developers Community Supporters (525,000 DEGO)
Price : 1ETH = 3500 DEGO
Maximum : 10 ETH

Info Token
Token Distribution
- Token supply : 21, 000, 000 DEGO
- Presale supply : 10% of total supply ( 2,100,000DEGO)
- Uniswap Liquidity : 5.25% of total supply (1,102,500 DEGO)
- Mining rewards : 80% of total supply (16,800,000 DEGO)
- DEGO DAO : 3.75% of total supply (787,500DEGO)
- Airdrop : 1% of total supply ( 210,000 DEGO)

Uniswap Initial liquidity :
700 ETH & 1,102,500 DEGO
Uniswap Listing Price : 1ETH = 1496.25 DEGO

DEGO Inflation Rate
At the point when a client moves DEGO token, that is when calling the exchange interface and transferFrom interface of the brilliant agreement, 5% exchanging charges will be deducted, 2.5% of it will be straightforwardly devastated, the staying 2.5% will be moved to the profit pool.

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