Arkycia Metaverse - Lets build a Trillion Dollar Virtual Economy

By JaksHitam | jaksone | 7 Jan 2022


The metaverse is a computerized reality that joins parts of web-based media, internet gaming, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and digital currencies to permit clients to associate practically. Increased reality overlays visual components, sound, and other tactile contribution onto genuine settings to upgrade the client experience. Conversely, augmented reality is completely virtual and improves anecdotal real factors.

As the metaverse develops, it will make online spaces where client connections are more multi-layered than current innovation upholds. Rather than simply seeing advanced substance, clients in the metaverse will actually want to inundate themselves in a space where the computerized and actual universes unite.

About Arkycia
Arkycia a Virtual Cosmocracy Metaverse, a remarkable VR world for you to Own Land, Build Buildings, Explore, Socialize, Do Business, Make Friends, Find your Partner, Earn and Have Fun
Arkycia, a first of its sort hyper realty metaverse stage with advanced highlights. Arkycia, a computerized form of earth which was made for the genuine motivation behind decentralization and advanced cash.

Why Arkycia Metaverse is Unique and Special?
Our Metaverse, Arkycia Metaverse is extraordinary in all angles. Arkycia metaverse is made to fabricate a genuine arrangement and an incentive for individuals’ time and cash. We required 3 years, to make the idea of Arkycia metaverse to give genuine experience to the clients. We needed clients to have a vibe, the genuine like feelings and qualities. Also we are glad to report, we prevailed in the mission. This makes our Arkycia Metaverse remain solitary and one of a kind.

We as a whole have many dreams, In Arkycia we call it equal life. Release us with a model. We are dependably looking for a fantasy home in this actual world regardless of whether we have one. We might think that it is hard to have our fantasy home because of many variables. Another model we can discuss a vehicle. We might be driving an auto yet dream about a Lambo or Ferrari. Arkycia is made to satisfy every single such dream. In Arkycia the client can purchase their fantasy vehicle essentially.

- Metaverse Politics
Not at all like other metaverses, Arkycia metaverse will be an equal domain, where we are carrying out a cosmocracy government. Arkycia is a novel metaverse project with one of its significant component as Virtual Politics NFT.
- Metaverse Land
Arkycia virtual world is worked over AI and planning advances, where terrains and properties, resources are straightforwardly connected with the actual world guides. Clients can construct any sort of structures like office, shopping center, air terminal, gambling club, virtual theaters, and so on, Arkycia gives an easy to understand electronic property building instrument, where the client can make the outside and inside of the structure.


- Arkycia Tokens
Arkycia will utilize its own tokens inside the metaverse, all the deals that occur inside the metaverse will be finished by Arkycia tokens.
- Artificial intelligence Meta Humans
Because of GPT-3, every client will have an AI specialist, which will find out with regards to the client in all viewpoints like conduct, game playing styles, business styles, and so on Following 2–3 years, the client character will turn into an AI Metahuman, which will live in the metaverse independently. It’s a clone of you, it will be a computerized variant of an in human a metaverse. It resembles a TRON film.
- Metaverse Sports
Clients can purchase a group in International Premier League. This will create an income and increment the worth of the utilitarian NFT. Global Premier League is for the accompanying games, Cricket, Football and Volleyball.

Item Arkycia
Arkycia Cube
The significant leap forward in Arkycia is the VR box, a high level designing framework which assists you with living in the metaverse with everything possiblites, you can feel the climate, moment transfers with more exact developments. VR Box will open new door for the whole metaverse. We are building the VR Box as an open framework, with the goal that it very well may be utilized for any metaverse.
- Arkycia Suit
Without a VR suite, metaverse won’t go into the standard. We are fostering a lightweight cutting edge VR suite with haptic input and conductible texture weaved with temperature shape memory combinations, which will utilize haptic criticism to give genuine tension in the particular spot.
- Arkycia Gloves
Arkycia will likely form a virtual economy, so we are building the essential equipment to accomplish that. VR gloves with haptic criticism will change the online business industry, remote administrations, and so forth We are cooperating with engineers to foster more applications dependent on VR gloves.


Partner/Developpers Program
Arkycia is a metaverse ecosystem, where game engineers/organizations can make any kind of metaverse application. We will give a broad SDK/API with local help in this way, any sort of metaverse applications are conceivable. For e.g., games, internet business, gambling club, SaaS application, reproductions, remote works, social commitment applications, and so forth


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