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Reddit comes out with another free NFT for Superbowl Sunday

Hey folks, if you’ve followed my other articles on Reddit NFTs, they’ve been pumping out quite a few different NFTs for different special occasions, including last year’s World Cup and now for this year’s Super Bowl.

Here’s how to get it for free:

Open up Reddit (preferably on your phone), and you should automatically see a a link for you to be able to claim:

If for whatever reason this doesn’t pop-up go directly to the link: and it should take you to a page where it allows you to select which NFT you’d like to receive:

Unfortunately you can only select your favorite LVII Superbowl team or one of two generic LVII Snoos (I guess it’ll be a looooong time until they make a Chicago Bears one available #Beardown).

After selecting your Superbowl Snoo, then you can access your “Vault” (wallet) from the profile section of the Reddit Mobile App:

From there you should be able to see your new NFT, where you can make it your profile or send it to somewhere else:

If you haven’t setup your vault yet, setting one up is pretty painless and it should take seconds, just make sure you don’t lose your password. Once you have it setup, you can transfer your NFT to anywhere like

And there you go! If that’s not easy, then I don’t know what is.

A few things to note:

  1. These NFTs are all on polygon. Also not only are they free, but they’re free to send out of your Reddit Vault as well too.
  2. I’m not sure how many of these there are available, but I know with the previous World Cup set they were all limited in number.
  3. I can’t imagine that these things are going to be worth very much. Then again, I probably would have told that to people buying these up for $10 bucks back in July…Regardless, man these things are cute.

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Disclaimer: And as a final reminder, this is not financial advice and this is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Please as always, do your own research and find what investments are best for you. Have fun everyone!

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