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Nowadays, we all know that blockchain is a disruptive technology that was born to change the way we see money. It represents a breakthrough as big as the Internet itself. Many users in many countries are already using this technology as a means of sustenance. What better example than the great writing and design contests offered by CateredContent, formerly known as OriginalWorks. I have witnessed this, I have participated in dozens of contests organized by the CateredContent team, obtaining enough economic profits to support my family. For that reason, in this post, I want to introduce this platform.


CateredContent is a platform that offers writing contests and artistic design about companies and projects powered by blockchain technology. Contests through which participants can win prizes in cryptocurrencies and in turn promote through contests, sponsors on all types of social networks.

CateredContent offers a Win/Win strategy.

Opportunity for participants




CateredContent opens the doors of its contests with juicy prizes available to anyone. CateredContent uses blockchain technology to pay the prizes. No need for intermediaries or banking institutions. Prizes are given in the form of cryptocurrencies directly in the wallets of participants, which can be exchanged for fiat currency in most countries, thus users get an economic benefit.

The contests are mostly in written form, however, also include others where creativity is needed to design and create logos and artistic advertisements about projects based on blockchain technology. Diversifying their exposure in most social networks.

The competition not only inspires a better dedication in the work since the most outstanding and brilliant proposals are better rewarded. But ensures quality ads for companies and projects (sponsors).

Therefore users like me and many others who live in difficult economic situations can get extra financial help through this new way of working.


All contests are paid with cryptocurrencies, most of them with STEEM, however, it is necessary to set up an ETH wallet address for other contests that are paid with another type of cryptocurrency, usually ERC-20. As was the case with the Digitex contest. In this way, it has created a labor market powered by blockchain technology.

Initially, CateredContent was known as OriginalWorks, who is very famous for creating great contests very striking for the prizes on Steemit, being the only ones that offered substantially high rewards for all participants. OriginalWorks was very well received by Steemit users. We were always waiting for a new contest every Friday.

Now they have grown and formed their own platform called CateredContent, with the same trust and confidence as always and bringing brand new contests for all participants and users in general who likes to write and design art.

Opportunity for companies


The second objective of this platform is to promote projects and companies that work with blockchain technology through their contests to take off and make themselves known through social networks. The contests offered by CateredContent make use of all the most famous social networks: Twitter, Instagram, Medium, Reddit, Steemit and YouTube. In this way, it contributes to showcasing in more detail the characteristics of the company or project, improving their marketing opportunity and helping them to compete with other companies.

The CateredContent team has worked for about two years (starting at Steemit as OriginalWorks) helping around 50 blockchain-based projects achieve greater exposure and greater user engagement.

The CateredContent team, since then, has been growing, becoming the largest generator of online blockchain writing contests of all.

Are you a Company or an entrepreneur? Want to book an event with OriginalWorks or CateredContent? Have questions?

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You can do this through the following link

Hurry! Don't think twice, just participate!

It is very easy to start using CateredContent, just follow the next steps

  • Sign-up
  • Edit your profile and add an Ethereum address
  • Pick an event and submit your entry (CateredContent will also send you an email to let you know about a new contest)
  • Once the event is done, your prize will arrive in your address!


Both OriginalWorks (formerly) and CateredContent (now) offer the opportunity to make a profit through their writer contests on blockchain projects. They have been the largest online contest generators since Steemit's beginnings. Offering a reliable and secure service from the start, both for participants and for the companies they promote.

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