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How to register a Uphold account to receive payments from Brave Browser

How to register a Uphold account to receive payments from Brave Browser

By JackYang | JackYang | 22 Apr 2020

         Hi, In this article I would like to share and guide you how to sign up for Uphold wallet to receive payment from Brave browser. If you do not have a Brave account, please click the following link to download the browser : and register link 

okay back to today's topic, in the instructions to sign up for a Uphold account I will share with you:

1. / How to register an uphold account
2. / Verify your account


1. / How to register an uphold account 

Uphold is a cloud-based financial services platform that allows anyone from anywhere to move, convert, hold and transact in any form including instant cash, cryptocurrency or goods and security. Uphold has provided over $ 1 billion for member transactions across 181 countries. To register for an account you can do it in the following two ways:

 - Sign up via brave account

 - Visit the Uphold page (

Here, I register via brave account to reduce the need to link brave account with uphold account. Okay, now we start to register:

 + STEP 1: You click to the link to register (Go to that Brave homepage). When you have finished logging in, notice on the Brave homepage that there will be a "Connect to Uphold" section as shown below and then click on it to let me perform step 2.


+ STEP 2: In this section, you fill out your information
    - Email:
Enter your email address
    - Password:
Is creating a password
    - Select or search for a country:
is to select your country
And the items below you all choose offline .... Then choose "next"


+ STEP 3: When you click next, the website will take you back to the interface of Brave And they announced that they have now connected the brave with the uphold e-wallet. Then you click to "visit Uphold dashboard".


+ STEP 4: When you click visit dashboard, the interface will appear as below for me to fill in personal information for e-wallets.
   - Full name: Please enter your full name
   - Date of birth: Enter the date of birth
   - Phone number: Enter the phone number.
   - Next, click the green "Next" button.


+ STEP 5: When done, step 4 will come up with the Email authentication step (See more photos attached below). Basically the content below they message is just sent an email to activate your account via email, please access the Email to confirm.


+ STEP 6: When you access gmail to find in your inbox or spam to activate your account. After you find the email as in the image below, select "Verify" in green.


Done, people just welcome to their house @@


2. / Verify your account

+ STEP 1: To verify your account at the main interface of uphold you select the icon button with a picture of people, then you click on "Become a virified member".



+ STEP 2: At this step, please fill in your information (such as address, city, country and zip code). When you have completed the information, you choose next.


+ STEP 3: This step is the most important step. You need to verify your identity, to start performing identity verification you need to find a well-lit place and have your identity card ready. Then you use zalo or software with QR code scanning function, then you scan the displayed code as shown below (because I use a laptop to verify my account, so I need this step). After you have scanned the QR code they will take you to the verification section. Please follow the steps they instruct to be okay. After providing all the information, people will verify for themselves in the period of 5-20 ′. If your profile successfully verified, they will have a notification section, if not successful they will show an error for you to correct.


+ STEP 4: When verified successfully, there will be an icon like the image below.


So I have shown you how to sign up and verify an uphold account. If there are any steps that are not clear, please comment down below this article for us to discuss. Good luck!

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