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What's up with all the fear mongering online?

What's up with all the fear mongering online?

In today's blog post I wanted to quickly cover a topic that I've been seeing popping up recently. That is the fear-mongering post mainly on social media that I have been seeing. With headlines for the post sounding apocalyptic making it seem as society is falling apart in front of our eyes. Examples I've seen online are that the United States is going to have a food shortage or famine or that Russia might start using nuclear or biological weapons in Ukraine. However, all of these posts have made me question these posts and think about them. So without further more let's get into why these posts have been appearing.  


Theory number one

My first theory as to why all of this news is coming out is because of cryptocurrency and where the market is currently. The market recently has been recovering from the floor of the recent bear run. With Bitcoin hitting prices up to $44,200 as of writing this article (3/24/22). However, the news has seemed to line up perfectly for the upcoming weekend and with price action being nothing but green the last few weeks we might have a weekend dip. This news can propel this as it gets more spread around. It also lines up for the spring pump as one more dump could confirm that the market is preparing for ETH 2.0. So this news could have been prepared by some whales who want to short the market one less time before the big pump. This is the main theory I am leaning on however I do have a second proposal. 






Theory number two

Now My second theory as to why all of this news is coming out is because now that Covid is no longer looked at as a serious threat now people have moved on from Covid. This means the main news line for the last two years has just lost its place as the #1 headliner. So the next best thing is to spread fear through what is already happening in the world. Thus discussing the possibility of the current world order coming to an end. However, I believe this is unlikely and that we are just experiencing some short-term fear from all the recent events. 





My Final Words     

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