Games To Play To Earn Cryptocurrency
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Games To Play To Earn Cryptocurrency

Games To Play To Earn Cryptocurrency

In todays blog I'm going to show you some games you can play while killing time to make some cryptocurrency. These games are all free to download and play and require zero investment unlike some other crypto games. These games can be downloaded on your phone and can also be played on desktop or laptop. All these games also pay out in multiple cryptocurrencies so you will have to set up multiple wallets or have a wallet that supports multiple blockchains. All these games require from you are a online connection and a wallet. Besides that it's as simple as downloading these games and playing. I will provided my affiliate link below for one of the games so that you can get a bonus and help me out as well. Lets now get into these crypto games.             


Now this is the one game that you don't have to download onto your phone but can be played on your desktop or laptop and on your phone too as well. How this game works is basically you are virtually mining cryptos. How you virtually mine on the game is you play mini games and keep grinding these games to build up your virtual mining rig. There are all kinds of mini games you can play on here and are pretty fun. The more games you play and win the more your mining rig upgrades. I've seen some post on publish0x saying they've earned up to $100 a month in cryptos just playing these games. There are all kinds of cryptos you can mine on this game from bitcoin to Ethereum to even their own crypto called roller coin as well. You can sign up for the game using the link below.



Now This is a game that can only be downloaded and played on your phone. What this game is basically is a NFT real estate game. You can buy virtual properties in cities in real life and own them digitally through NFTS. The game gives you enough coins to but your first property and from there you just have to collect earning from your property and explore with your virtual person in app and off app. After you've been on the app long enough you can sell your properties in city hall for real fiat money. A great game to get started in the NFT space. upland.jpg

Bit Bounce

This game is really simple in terms of how it works. All you do is bounce your bitcoin through the stage and try not to fall off. The game works like geometry dash if anyone of you have ever played that game. relatively simple game to learn and play and master. How you earn on this game is you collect tickets and the tickets are added to a raffle. This is where you earn your bitcoin you have a random chance based on how many tickets you have entered to win a random amount of bitcoin.  bit%2Bbounce.jpg

Photon pong

A really simple game to play in concept. What you basically do on this phone game is bounce back and fourth a ball. You bounce the ball of the green wall you are in control of and the more you keep bouncing it back and fourth the more you earn. However I personally don't like the controls of this game and how you get the ball to move. You have to move your phone to move physically to get the wall to move the direction you want. Weird controls but if you can master them then you can master the game.   photon%2Bpong.jpg      

My Final Words 

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