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Bill Gates & Jeffrey Epstein Connections

Gates & Epstein. Connections

By J Wilderness | J Wilderness | 10 May 2020

In this video we (re)visit the connections between Bill Gates & Jeffrey Epstein. It's an important time to re-highlight these connections given the mainstream is propping up Gates as the saviour of humanity, when the evidence suggests potentially dire ulterior motives.

Thanks for watching. This was originally posted on my channel on April 13th. Expect further posts rapidly until my Publish 0x blog is up to date, by which point future video's and articles will be posted here alongside other platforms.

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J Wilderness
J Wilderness

Guerrilla Investigations. UK based. Odysee:$/invite/@JWild:6 YouTube: HIVE: Twitter:

J Wilderness
J Wilderness

UK based. Investigation and commentary. Activism for truth and justice. Crypto advocate and hodler since 2016. Paypal: LBRY: Twitter: YouTube: BitChute: Flote: Minds: SoMee: Jilderness Steem: Hive:

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